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DiskGenius Professional
DiskGenius Professional

DiskGenius Professional 5 Crack is a very practical and easy to use application that provides users with partition management and data recovery software. In addition to partition management functions such as create, delete, format partitions, it also provides more powerful features such as recovering lost files, recovering lost partitions, cloning partitions to image files, partition cloning, disk cloning, fast partitioning, and more.

The downloaded application is Free Edition which can be upgraded to Standard Edition or Professional Edition. You can test the free edition before deciding whether to buy higher editions.

DiskGenius Professional 5 Crack : is a very useful PartitionGuru, easy-to-use application designed to manage disk partitions and recover data on them. In addition to the functions used to manage partitions, such as deleting, creating, formatting partitions. The program provides more powerful features such as recovering lost partitions, recovering lost files, backups, partitions, partition clones, clone drives, advanced file operations, and more. The app also supports VMware, VirtualBox and Virtual PC virtual disk files. Support SCSI, IDE, SATA drives and USB drives, memory cards. Supported file systems FAT12 / FAT16 / FAT32 / NTFS / EXT3.

DiskGenius Professional Key Features:
Recover files
Rebuild MBR | Rebuild Partition Table
Check Partition Errors
Recover delete partitions
Disk Management
Backup Partition Table
Check and fix bad tracks and sectors
Clone partition to an image file
Intuitive user interface
Advanced and extremely fast scan algorithm
Support for all professional digital camera memory cards and hard drives
Support for all popular professional digital camera raw files
Versatile preview capability
Save Scan Information feature
The program offers all-around functions to improve computer performance.

Release Notes
DiskGenius Version History
[ Ver ]
1. “Search for Known File Types” in File Recovery function adds support for prt, heif(.heic) photos, 3dm, zpr, jdp, vs3d and ptb file types.

2. File preview supports to open heif(.heic) photos.

1. Improve the Copy Sectors dialog box and enhance its ability to handle bad sectors, facilitating users to image hard drives with bad sectors.

2. Copy details is displayed automatically after finishing copying sectors.

3. Improve the partition backup function, increasing the backup speed when original drive and target files are not on the same disk.

4. A control showing current path is added to the top of Files window, supporting to jump to the path enter by users, Desktop and Documents.

5. After copying files, the modified and created date of target folders is consistent with original ones.

6. Support to open virtual disks in network mapping paths by way of dragging mouse.

7. Optimize the speed of organizing directory structures for File Recovery function.

8. Optimize the speed of loading the previous scanning progress for File Recovery function.

9. Optimize the scanning results of recovering files from FAT32 partitions.

10. Optimize the scanning results of recovering files from NTFS partitions.

11. Optimize the speed for functions like backup, restore and clone partitions.

12. Enhance the File Recovery function for exFAT partitions.

13. Enhance the support of individual special cases in the GUID partition table.

14. Enhance the function of extracting files from partition images, improving the support of damaged image files.

15. Reduce the number of “Partition(Recognized)” in the scanning result of File Recovery.

16. Optimize the speed of opening File Copying Report dialog box and Detailed Info dialog box of “Verify or Repair Bad Sectors” function.

17. Improve the dialog box of “Set UEFI BIOS boot entries”.

18. The function Verify Or Repair Bad Sectors automatically saves progress, and it can continue checking or repairing bad sectors after interruption.

19. The System Migration function can lock the size of a specified partition so that it remains unchanged after migration.

20. System migration function supports to migrate OS to USB disk and make it bootable.


1. Fixed an issue that system migration function failed when encountering some special partitions.

2. Fixed an issue that in some cases modifying sector data for virtual disks failed.

3. Fixed an issue that the software stopped responding during startup due to reading disk S.M.A.R.T. information.

4. Fixed an issue for file copy function that stopped copying files when encountering some errors.

5. Fixed an issue that the “Unlock” option was still enabled after the Bitlocker partition had been unlocked successfully.

6. Fixed an issue that file data of ole2, zip and rmvb file types under Recovered Types might be incorrect.

7. Fixed an issue that in some cases users could copy files to the original partition when recovering files dynamic volumes.

8. Fixed an issue that in some cases it failed to save partition table in Windows 7.

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DOWNLOAD DiskGenius Professional FULL





NOTE : How to download software from uploadio and fileupload

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