3DCoat 2021.37 x64 final [8/29/2021]

3D-Coat 2021.37

3DCoat 2021.37

3DCoat 2021 is a software for drawing 3D objects and characters.So this software has all the tools you need to design a wide variety of 3D models from simple to complex.

No matter what texture or surface you want to create, this software gives you all the tools you need to do it. And the software is now taught in more than 170 schools and universities around the world.

3D Coat manages models created in different layers.

And thus allows to easily change the different layers individually.
That is, after the complete design of the model.

If you need to change the texture of the part, such as the layer.

You can apply and make the changes you want.

This program has high processing power and shows various changes instantly. But of course, all applications that require 3D processing require relatively powerful hardware . So to complete their projects at high speed. And allow access.

Features and characteristics of 3D-Coat software:
  • Real-time scene rendering using HDRL
  • OR Highly customizable and customizable smart materials
  • Layering the model in several separate paint layers, blend layers and the ability to group layers
  • Great interaction with Photoshop software (for image editing)
  • Available in textures or textures up to 16k
  • Fast calculation and processing
  • An extensive set of tools for all types of drawing and…
  • There are no topological constraints on the design of statues and objects
  • And Boolean integration operation
  • Or Boolean operations on the edges of the work
  • Beside Automatically build topology along user-defined edges
  • So Possibility to import reference grids using topology refactoring process
  • Ability to group Retopos by different colors for better management
  • Very wide and flexible installation
  • Support multiple UV sets
  • Supports ABF, LSCM and…
  • Easy to use, fast and fun
system request
  • CPU 1.2 GHz or higher
  • Memory (RAM) 512MB (4GB recommended)
    operating systems)
  • Windows Vista
  • Or Windows 7
  • Or Windows 8
  • And Windows 10

3DCoat 2021.37 x64 Full || 821.7 MB


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