XMind 2020 10.3.1

XMind 2021 v11.0.0 Build 202105270001 and ver 9.2.1 Precracked 5/30/2021


XMind ZEN 2020 is a full-featured mind mapping tool designed to generate ideas, inspire creativity, and be productive both at work and in life.

XMind ZEN is a completely new version after more than 3 developed by XMind, this version is also upgraded with a lot of features, from a completely new and beautiful interface to modes and tools. best software for users.

Adding a Dark UI interface gives you a comfortable way to focus
The new ZEN mode lets you focus on just one mind map
Add bookmarks, labels, links, attachments, subject links, notes, and more.
You can add pictures, audio notes, stickers to your map easily
Style and Theme provide fishbone chart, matrix, timeline …
It is possible to choose a suitable board to decorate your mind map
Export to many formats such as PDF, Word, Image, Excel
Share your mind maps to Facebook, Evernote, Email …
The CJK font supports Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters
Packed with 6 groups of color palettes suitable for decorating mind maps
Includes many mind maps available for you to unleash your creativity
Use combinations of different structures in one mind map

XMind 2021 v11.0.0 Build 202105270001 CRACK || 246.3 MB




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XMind 2020 10.3.1 Build 202101070032 (x64) CRACKED || 77.2 MB



XMind ZEN 9.2.1 Precracked

FILE SETUP  | 108.8 MB


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