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Format Factory final high download up 5/26/2020

Format Factory is a software that converts video, audio and image formats together, in addition, Format Factory also supports DVD ripping from video and audio files, in particular, you can download videos from the web through this tool.

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Format Factory software is a video cutting software that supports video conversion, high-speed Audio on the computer, the tool is capable of converting between many popular video, audio, image formats with fast speed, extracting quality output. Besides, downloading Format Factory also helps users fix video and audio files, reduce the size of multimedia files, rip DVDs … In addition, this software also works with file formats for iPhone. , iPod.

Format factory
Format factory

Format Factory is one of the software to convert audio and video in common formats such as MP3, WMA, AMR, WAV, … quickly, conveniently and safely. More specifically, you can download Format Factory for free and install this software to get a rich and diverse data source for your computer.

Format Factory is a versatile converter with the ability to convert video formats to audio, even image files. The advantages of this software include: fast conversion speed, high quality output, recover damaged files, convert files in batch mode to save time. Besides, Format Factory is also a completely free program.

Format Factory, as the name implies, is a factory that produces videos and music with its diverse and flexible conversion capabilities. It can be said that it is rare that this software supports creating many output formats such as Format Factory, which meet most of your usage needs on computers as well as mobile devices. Not only does it help with conversion, it also helps to fix corrupted files.

Format Factory software supports converting videos, audio, images, ripping CD / DVD and most importantly, Format Factory can also convert PDF documents to other formats, usually, when using Format Factory, the feature to change the video extension on the computer is still the most commonly used.

Convert FLV video, MP4, AVI …, audio files

Currently, the multimedia file format is more and more diversified, the time before Total Video Converter was highly appreciated for its ability to convert videos. Format Factory was born as a tool “who harmonizes” a diverse tool in converting video formats such as FLV, MP4, AVI … back and forth to each other; With music, it can convert between most popular music formats such as MP3, WMA, AMR, WAV … Besides, Format Factory can also convert images and convert formats for the player. , KTS head …

Format Factory also helps you convert videos to popular music files to listen to on portable devices … More surprisingly, downloading Format Factory and using it allows you to convert a number of JPG image formats, BMP, PNG, TIF, ICO.

Support rip CD / DVD

Format Converter is a multifunction video converter that is known by users as a free tool occupying a unique position in the conversion. When downloading Format Factory users can also fix errors, cut video and music, as well as rip CDs / VCDs all in order to diversify functions for users. Such features are not available for most software because they perform a specialized function only, not as diverse and complete as Format Factory.

With this video conversion software, users can change video formats, audio and image formats for free with popular high-capacity formats. Format Factory is one of the best and effective conversion software today, not only has many functions but also has extremely fast conversion speed. In addition to the conversion functions, Format Factory also supports cutting video and music as well as rip CD / VCD.

Besides converting features, Format Factory also supports users to rip CD / DVD to export to high quality video and audio formats. With batch conversion mode, you save time to process your work

Format Factory latest version fixes some errors in the All to 3GP conversion function, adds a profile to the All to ICO section, IDV3 information error, Error while decoding frame. In addition, this version also adds many new soundtrack codecs, interface adjustment and some video profiles.

To convert the video extension by format factory, you just need to select the formats available on the computer to convert and choose the desired output format, the process of changing the video extension by format factory takes place very quickly.
You have had difficulties downloading videos from online websites but cannot play them on your computer due to format incompatibility. At this point you will need to use Format Factory.


How to install
1. Install software
2. Enjoy


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