JRiver Media Center 29.0.81 64 bit Free download 7/30/2022

JRiver-Media-Center 27.0.85
JRiver-Media-Center 27.0.85
JRiver Media Center 28 can help you strictly manage all media files and enjoy them in a completely new way. Launching the application for the first time, users will be impressed with the intuitive and eye-catching interface with lots of interesting features to explore.

Most people who have used JRiver Media Center have assessed that the design of the software is youthful and modern.

The software for arranging the covers of music files is also extremely neat, especially, inserting the music spectrum and suggesting a series of songs, albums and genres below for users to choose. JRiver Media Center offers users a completely different listening experience from other similar software

What does JRiver Media Center have?
Copy music from J. River Media Center to digital audio players or transfer digital photos to your computer’s photo library
Support many types of music listening on different interface platforms
Display pictures in nostalgic style, black and white or sepia
Burn CDs or record your favorite programs in many different formats
Stream music directly to your computer at work.
Remote control mode and additional command line
Support most cameras
Improve picture quality during slideshow or upload to web or email
Support image formats JPG, BMP, TIFF, RAW and PNG
Transfer photos from camera to gallery with just one click
Support basic image editing

Version history / Release notes / Changelog

26.0.103 (7/31/2020)

  1. Changed: When loading dates from an APE file, if no “Date” field is found, the “Year” field will be read (which could contain a full date).
  2. Fixed: FLAC streams would not all play.
  3. Fixed: EPUB books without sidecars would not import.
  4. Fixed: Possible crashes when using list controls.
  5. Fixed: The image file field did not support the smartlist modes properly.
  6. Changed: Removed AZ Lyrics from lookup.
  7. Changed: Only 10 files at a time are allowed for lyrics lookup.
  8. Fixed: ATSC Closed Captioning did not work since build 85.

JRiver Media Center 29.0.81 64 bit FULL || 39.1 MB


JRiver Media Center 29.0.28 64 bit FULL || 38.9 MB

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