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Download CapCut PC 3 for free – A free, versatile video editor that allows anyone to create any product anywhere.

CapCut PC 3 software overview Free video editor:

CapCut PC is a simple video editing tool that you can use anywhere. You can create videos on your browser, desktop and laptop, or on your phone. Flexible editing, powerful AI tools, team collaboration, and built-in assets. Create videos in a whole new way.

You can edit videos based on timeline editing, during this process, you can add different elements and effects to the video to bring the best effect to your work. It is a simple and intuitive set of editing tools and effects that allows even those with limited video editing experience to bring their ideas and visions to life in the form of edited videos. professional repair.

CapCut PC 3.9.0
CapCut PC 3.9.0
Features of CapCut

Precisely remove the portrait video background and replace it with a self-uploaded photo or change the background color.
Increase resolution to enlarge the image.
Adjust the AI ​​color of images to increase vividness.
Fix corrupted photos or change colors to refresh them.
Use AI to change the color of black and white photos.
Create portraits with AI in many styles.
Change the aspect ratio of your video and add color, image, or blur to the background to meet the needs of multiple platforms.
Increase the video resolution to make it clearer without sacrificing quality.
Video editor for everyone.
Increase business efficiency: Whether you are creating videos for social media advertising, for marketing purposes or for other business purposes, we can help. Use CapCut online to create or share video content with your team and work faster than ever.
Meets professional needs: CapCut desktop version supports complex video editing operations at uncompromised performance with a user-friendly interface. Download the desktop app and start creating projects.
Create videos on the go: Capture memorable moments and create on the go. Cut, crop and edit videos with CapCut app to record and enjoy life. You only need a few minutes to finish editing and share your work on social networks.

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