VanDyke SecureCRT and SecureFX final [9/3/2021]

VanDyke SecureCRT and SecureFX

VanDyke SecureCRT and SecureFX 9 is a secure, flexible file transfer application with an intuitive interface that provides secure remote access, file transfers.

VanDyke provides solid terminal emulation for computing professionals. Hence it enhances productivity with advanced session management.

And it advances a host of ways to save time and streamline repetitive tasks.

SecureCRT has the solid security of SSH, extensive session management and advanced scripting, SecureCRT will help enhance your productivity.

Main features of VanDyke SecureCRT and SecureFX

It securely accesses business applications on UNIX, Linux or VMS from Windows, Linux and Mac machines

Simultaneously the software configures, manages and organizes all your sessions with full control over rollback, key mapping, colors, fonts and more

Besides it fully access your network devices from a client with SSH (SSH2, SSH1), Telnet, Telnet/TLS, serial and other protocols.

Also it leverages a high productivity GUI with time-saving capabilities including multi-session launch, tabbed sessions, tab groups

More than that it automates repetitive tasks in SecureCRT

At the same time it transfers files between network devices with SFTP, Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem or Kermit.

Finally it saves the steps with the tight integration of SecureCRT and the SecureFX file transfer client

VanDyke SecureCRT and SecureFX Full || 69.1 MB

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