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UltraViewer 6.4.4
UltraViewer 6.4.4

UltraViewer 6 is a software that helps you to remotely control your computer with a quick, unnecessary installation process and you can connect to the remote computer immediately, especially because the program does not require any configuration. any additional.

Upon launch, you are greeted by an intuitive double-panel window that displays your ID and password as well as your partner’s credentials.



Features of UltraViewer

All free
Quick connection to another computer
Manage other computers remotely
Provide remote technical support.

Seamlessly connect to a remote computer with a unique ID . And password and provide support for a loved one or colleague using this utility

If you are working as a technician for a software or service company. Then there is a good chance .That you came across customers that required your physical assistance in dealing with more . Or less advanced technical issues.

While in the past that meant traveling to your customers’ locations to address technical difficulties. Nowadays applications like UltraViewer allow you to access clients’ computers remotely .And make this tasks less time-consuming.

Allows you to quickly connect to another computer

The installation is quick, uneventful .And you can connect to a computer remotely immediately. Especially since the program does not require any extra configuration. Upon launch, you are welcomed by an intuitive double-panel window .That displays your ID and password as well as the credentials of your partner.

It is worth mentioning .That the application includes an instant chat window .That allows you to communicate with the user you are providing support to in real time. Considering that the window can interfere with your work. You should keep in mind .That you can toggle it on and off via the hotkey of your choice.

Enables you to manage the other computer remotely

You can establish a connection without too much hassle by inputting the Partner ID .And password in their dedicated fields and then hitting the Connect to partner button. In case you want to allow other users to watch your screen in real time .Then you can provide them with your credentials.

You should know that the program allows you to establish secure connections. A feature that can come in handy when providing support for business clients .Who might have sensitive data stored on the computer they need assistance for. You can change the details of the connection by accessing the Options window and filling in the required information.

A handy tool for providing technical support remotely

Since UltraViewer is an easy to install utility .That does not require advanced knowledge to run fitly even by users with limited computer skills. It can come in handy to professionals who need to provide technical assistance on a regular basis.

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DOWNLOAD UltraViewer 6.6.Free || 3.6 MB


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