DAEMON Tools Lite 10DAEMON Tools Lite 10
DAEMON Tools Lite
DAEMON Tools Lite
DAEMON Tools Lite 10 relies on two important features, emulating virtual drives and building disk image files as iso. It can emulate up to 4 DVD, CD or Blu-ray virtual drives on your computer. Virtual units will be present in your system just like real units. After you select the virtual drive you want, you will select a disk image (nrg, iso, mdf, bin, cue, etc.) Go to My Computer at the Devices with Removable Storage section and you’ll find the disk image mounted on the virtual drive, so you can get to work.

It feels like you are using a real portable drive but much higher speed. You can also use DAEMON Tools Lite to convert your disc contents to an image file. ISO, MDX and MDS/MDF images can be created from real discs inserted into your real DVD, Blu-ray or CD units.

You can protect your virtual disk image from unauthorized access by setting a password that will be required when someone tries to mount the image to obtain the contained data. DAEMON Tools has a Compression feature that you can select before starting the image creation process to save hard drive space. Disk images created with DAEMON Tools are compatible with other programs. A wide range of image types like nrg, iso, bin, cue, mdf, mds, ccd, cdi, b5t, b6t, isz, bwt, ape, mdx, flack, etc. built using other software also supported by DAEMON Tools.

Advantages of Daemon Tools Lite
DAEMON Tools Lite is very fast, it is faster than CD and DVD drives.
It works well with a lot of disk images created by different programs.

Daemon Tools Lite creates up to four virtual CD/DVD drives undistinguishable from hardware ones in the system and allows mounting any disk image to them with a click. Aside from everyday convenience – after all, you don’t have to jerk the tray back and forth anymore – virtual disks are indifferent to scratches and work faster. The tool supports all popular disk image formats including ISO, MDS/MDF, NRG as well as MDX images of CD, DVD and Blu-ray disks.

The program offers two types of virtual drives: drives with simple emulation and SCSI virtual drives. While the former offers only basic emulation capabilities (which however will be enough for most users), the SCSI virtual devices provide emulation of copy-protected disks and disks with special security locks.

In addition to its main function, Daemon Tools Lite can create disk image from physical disks, so you can easily convert your entire CD/DVD/Blu-Ray collection to images and test if they are working properly right away.

Working with Daemon Tools Lite is really a no brainer. Just click Add, select an image and add it to the Image Catalog. After that a select a virtual drive in the drive list and click Mount. That’s it. Conveniently, the program can also mount certain disks automatically upon Windows startup. Overall, the tool is a nice replacement for a hardware optical drive, and since it is free for non-commercial use it is certainly can be recommended.


How to install :

  • Run file setup
  • Install software
  • Enjoy

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