PIDKey Lite 1.64.4 B16 crack version [7/7/2021]

pidkey lite 1.64
pidkey lite 1.64
PIDKey Lite 1.64.4 b16
PIDKey Lite 1.64.4 b16

PIDKey Lite 1 is a program to display the renovation and preservation in the database of key information products to check the “validity” of Microsoft keys from the famous program we often use, Ratiborus and VAMT. The program PIDKey LiteIt is the successor of PIDKey. and i came out with it the best program ideas (Allows you to add new keys with two additional methods of key mode).

The program has several built-in profiles, but you can also create your own. If you put your configuration file in the program directory, the file will be saved in a relative path and the program can work with it from any location directory with the program.
When you select a custom profile, a button will be available to remove it. You can check the key from a file. You can use any file in text format that contains the key mixed with any number of other keys so that they are extracted correctly.

It is the successor of PIDKey. and I have taken from it the best program ideas (Allows you to add new keys to two modes add locking mode), Will be described below and check them in the database for keys necessary.

Use the program:

Run PIDKey.exe, select the desired configuration, insert the key in the input field, and then click GO!. Define the key configuration to be checked against all profiles starting at the top of the list until the correct data is obtained.
The content of the program PIDKey Lite
1. Check and lock of PIDKey Lite x64.exe for x86 and x64 Windows XP, PIDKey Lite.exe for x86 only.
2. Verifiable lock types setting memory. Show reminders.
3. When you first start a reset program.
4. The pkconfig directory has changed.


F2, F3, F4 – management of three major program buttons

Shift+The left mouse button on the key adding window – Forced adding keys to verify if even they are in base

Ctrl+1 – Check all keys

Ctrl+2 – check only XP key

Ctrl+3 – check only Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, servers key, Office 2010-2016

Ctrl+4 – check only the keys with N – keys are checked only for Win 8, 8.1, 10, server 2012-2016, Office 2013-2016.

Ctrl+R – database repair

Ctrl+U – rename folders group Microsoft Windows XP key.

Attention! Ctrl + 1; Ctrl + 2; Ctrl + 3; Ctrl + 4 settings saved before applying other settings. When you run the program reflects the setting key validation.

System requirements:

OS: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

.NET Framework: 4.0

Availability of the Internet is necessary for  finding available activations of MAK keys. Program doesn’t need installation and it is totally portable. The database already contains GVLK- keys, uncertain keys and blocked keys from reliable sources.

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