Windows 10 Insider Preview 19100.1051.210916 64 bit iso file [9/22/2021]

Windows 10-Insider-Peview

Windows 10 Insider Preview 19100.1041

Windows 10 Insider Preview isn’t fundamentally different from the official release of Windows 10. Because it is meaning you’ll see the same boot menu.

The same desktop environment . And use the same pre-installation apps with Windows 10

So download Windows 10 Insider Preview if you want to become a member of the Insider community .

And experience the latest features of the Windows operating system . Before the official versions are released.

Windows 10 Insider Preview has been addressing issues raised by the Insider community .

And it is bringing new Windows 10 features and enhancements to the Windows Insider program .

The first appeared in the Windows Insider program. ).

From time to time, Microsoft will organize Bug Bash programs.

Because it help to send questions to find bugs and errors in the Windows operating system to Insider users.

So Windows Insider (English: Windows Insider Program) is an open software testing program from Microsoft .

Beside it allows users with a valid Windows 10 . OR Windows Server 2016 license to sign up for pre-development builds. Operating system operating system

Beside Microsoft launches Windows Insider for developers.

Enterprise testers and “technical” users test new features on pre-release builds & software (not widely released).

So From there collect feedback data to identify, test, fix. And improve Windows 10 operating system through the support .

And guidance of program participants.
Beside they can talk directly to Microsoft engineers through a dedicated communication & diagnostics channel.

The program was announced September 30, 2014 alongside Windows 10. By September 2015, more than 7 million people had joined the Windows Insider program.
On February 12, 2015, Microsoft began allowing beta testing of Windows 10 Mobile.
Beside Microsoft announced that the Windows Insider program will continue . So After Windows 10 released to continue testing future updates.

Key features of Windows 10 Insider Preview:

First Experience new Windows features.
Besides Multiple versions classified by user group.

Windows 10 Insider Preview  19100.1051.210916 64 BIT  ISO || 4.25 GB



Windows 10 Insider Preview 19100.1050.210911 64 bit iso|| 4.24 GB

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