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Windows 10 Pro 20H2 19042.1469
Windows 10 Pro 20H2 19042.1469

Back in June, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 October 2020, aka Windows 10 Version 20H2, will be the next major feature update of Windows 10. Windows 10 Version 20H2 will support computers running Windows 10. version 1903 or later.

And now, after a few months of waiting, Microsoft has officially released the Windows 10 October 2020 update for global users.

As usual, Microsoft will release Windows 10 October 2020 in small batches. This will make it easier for them to control and fix if something goes wrong. Computers with compatibility issues may be blocked from updating by Microsoft for a period of time.


Windows 10 October 2020 brings users many new and useful features. Prominent among these is the Start Menu and Taskbar with a new, more spacious design. The interface inside the Settings section as well as other parts has also been changed…

Besides, Windows 10 October 2020 also has improvements for the new Microsoft Edge browser. In this new version of Windows, when you press Alt+Tab, all browser tabs will also be listed for your easy access.

The most notable changes are expected to appear on the Windows 10 20H2 update
With that said, this update mainly focuses on bug fixes and performance optimization features, but that’s not without some notable changes from a platform perspective that have a big impact on the experience. user. As follows:

In this version of Windows, the classic “System” page in the Control Panel will removed. If you try to access it, you will redirected to the “About” page in the new Settings app.

This is not as big of a deal as many people think. All the necessary information found under Settings in Control Panel will now also be available in the Settings app. There’s also a nifty new “Copy” button that lets you quickly copy all the text to the clipboard. You’ll also find other new options buttons to open advanced system settings like BitLocker and Device Manager at the bottom of the page.

All in all, this is just the next step in Microsoft’s lengthy and slow process of phasing out the Control Panel. However, the Control Panel isn’t going away anytime soon — it packed with useful options, and Microsoft is planning to gradually move these options to the new System app.

Built-in Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft says this the first version of Windows 10 with the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser built in.

In fact, this is not a very important change because Windows 10 users can now install the new Microsoft Edge through Windows Update anyway. However, with this release, the new Edge will officially replace the old Edge in the base version of Windows 10 and become the default browser on the system.

New Start menu interface
Microsoft set to roll out a major update to the Windows 10 Start menu in a few weeks, with the fall release 20H2 (probably October or November). In this renewal, Microsoft will focus mainly on changing the Start menu interface with a focus on Fluent Design style and the seamlessness in the titles boxes.

The new interface of the Start menu will designed in a more seamless and modern direction. Specifically, Microsoft will focus more on small details but can help the Start menu look neat and unified. For example, the Live Tiles will have a more appropriate background, corresponding to the theme that the user is using on the system.

Alt + Tab to show Edge browser tabs

On the new update, Windows 10 will display Edge browser tabs in the Alt + Tab switcher. Instead of just displaying one thumbnail for each browser window as it is now, the system will display several different tabs in the Alt + Tab switcher. So if you’re browsing multiple websites at once, you can quickly find and switch between them with just Alt + Tab.

Improvements to taskbar pinned sites in Edge
When you pin a website to your taskbar with Microsoft Edge, you can now click (or hover over) that taskbar icon to see all the respective browser tabs.

Automatically switch to tablet mode by default
Currently, when you disconnect the keyboard on a 2-in-1, a message appears asking if you want to enable tablet mode. However, on the new update, Windows will automatically switch to tablet mode when the user disconnects the keyboard of the 2-in-1 device without displaying a message or prompt.

Smaller changes
Notification improvements: Windows 10 notifications will come with an app icon so you can easily see which apps created them, and an “x” button to quickly dismiss them.
Edit the default taskbar icon: In a small change

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