windows 11 23h2 ISOwindows 11 23h2 ISO

Microsoft is making available Windows 11 23H2 build 22631.2361 (KB5030310) in the Release Preview Channel. Although this is still referred to as an update for version 22H2, it includes many of the features expected to ship with version 23H2. (You can now get this update in the Stable Channel with these instructions.)

windows 11 23h2
windows 11 23h2

Windows 11 23H2 iso Build 22631.2361 for Windows 11, according to the official changes, introduces the first preview of Copilot for Windows 11 on select markets. The update also comes with the new version of File Explorer that includes many visual changes, a new Gallery page, an updated Details pane, native support for RAR, 7z, GZ, and TAR file formats, and changes to Nearby Sharing.

Microsoft says that the new Windows Backup app to protect your files, settings, credentials, and passwords is also available for testers in the Release Preview Channel. Furthermore,  Windows 11 23H2 the update KB5030310 includes new text authoring experiences to voice access and new natural voices in Narrator.

According to the announcement, this update also enables everything the company revealed during its “special event” in New York City on September 21, 2023, which also includes updates for various inbox apps, including Paint, Photos, Snipping Tool, Clipchamp, and the new version of Outlook for Windows 11.

For example, the Microsoft Paint app is getting the “Creator” feature that uses AI to create images and remove the background from pictures with a single click.

The Photos app now uses Copilot AI capabilities to allow you to blur the background on images, and the technology will also be used to search and find images on OneDrive based on the content of the pictures.

The Snipping Tool gets an update that integrates OCR (optical character recognition) technology with AI to intelligently extract text from a screenshot and redact text to prevent sharing sensitive information on a screen capture.

The update for the Clipchamp app includes auto-compose, an AI feature that will review the videos and quickly suggest filters that will fit your project, and other things like highlighting the best moments, inserting transitions and music, and filling up gaps.

Finally, the Outlook app is a new experience to replace its Mail and Calendar apps. Windows 11 23H2 The new version of the email client is identical to the web version of the service but with some additional features, such as a single view for email, calendar, people, and tasks. In addition, the new app includes support for the mica material to match the design style of Windows 11.

The email client includes support for multiple accounts, including services like Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo. Support for iCloud and IMAP will be coming in future updates. Also, the app includes offline support, but the feature is still under development.

Windows 11 23H2 Install build 22631.2361
To download and install the Windows 11 build 22631.2361, enroll your device in the Release Preview Channel using the “Windows Insider Program” settings from the “Update & Security” section.

Once you enroll the computer in the program, you can download Windows 11 23H2 build 22631.2361 from the “Windows Update” settings by clicking the “Check for Updates” button. However, you will need a device that meets the minimum system requirements to receive the update if you are new to the Windows Insider Program.

Microsoft also notes that if you have the “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available” toggle switch turned on before installing the update, Windows 11 23H2 build 22631.2361 will install alongside the update Windows Configuration Update (KB5030509) enablement package in a single reboot. If the option isn’t enabled, then build 22631.2361 will install with the new features disabled. In this case, you will need to turn on the “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available” toggle switch to install the update Windows 11 23H2 KB5030509 to enable the new features.

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