PDF Split and Merge 4.2.4PDF Split and Merge 4.2.4
PDFsam PDF Split and Merge 4.2.4
PDFsam PDF Split and Merge 4.2.4
PDF Split and Merge 4 is free software that makes it easy to split PDF files into smaller files or merge them all into one complete PDF file. PDF Split and Merge is considered one of the best PDF file merging software available today, the special thing about this PDF file merge software is that it is completely free, this is one of the reasons creating the this software’s appeal.

This is a great alternative to the famous ARTS PDF Split utility. If you regularly work with documents of this type, chances are the program will make your life easier. Now it will be very simple to split the PDF into separate pages and the program will look at the bookmark’s bookmarks and use the names of these bookmarks as the names for these files.

Not only that, PDF Split and Merge also allows you to extract, rotate, and compose documents. You can optionally configure text configuration including compressing and overwriting other files at output. PDF files after being cut or merged can be opened, read or you can use specialized software such as Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader using PDF Split and Merge.

PDF Split and Merge Features
Split PDF files into separate documents.
Combine different PDF files into a single PDF file.
Split images in PDF into different image files.
Option to change configuration settings.
Support drag and drop mouse.
Works quickly and efficiently.
PDF Split and Merge System Requirements and Requirements 4
PDFsam Basic is open source under the GNU Affero Public License since version 3, the previous versions  released under the GPLv2.
PDFsam Basic is a completely free and open source cross-platform software designed with the features to split, import, extract pages, merge and rotate PDF files, and more.

PDFsam Basic integrates many utilities to support the main features including importing PDF files, splitting PDF files, merging, rotating or extracting pages from PDF files. To exploit the attractive features of the application, users first need to download PDFsam Basic and install it for the system under simple and completely free operations.

The most used module of PDFsam Basic is the PDF document import module, which supports the ability to combine PDF files. In this module, the user will choose to import all or only part of the document. The selected pages are filled in with a comma separated (eg 1-10, 14, 25-).

With PDFsam Basic, you need to define the operations you want to handle with the outlines (bookmarks) of PDF documents, including importing the finished document, deleting the outlines to reduce the size of the imported document or creating an outline. New entry-by-entry for imported PDF documents, etc.

In particular, PDFsam Basic allows users to add table of contents to the beginning of the created PDF file. The Table of Contents will provide a list of clickable entries that allow quick navigation to the imported PDF files.

In addition, PDFsam Basic splits PDF files by the predetermined number of pages or by bookmarks or by size. The selected PDF file is split into separate pages, creating new documents from each page in the original file. Or even or odd pages.

Key features of PDFsam Basic:
– All free.
– Split PDF file.
– Add table of contents to PDF file.
– Mix PDF files according to even and odd pages.
– Extract page from PDF file.
– Rotate PDF pages.

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