FBackup 9.3.4200
FBackup 9.3.420
FBackup 9.3.420
FBackup 9 allows you to back up important files and folders to a local or external hard drive (not a USB stick) or a network drive. You can create multiple backup sets and schedule them to run automatically at predefined times.

Backups can compressed into an archived ZIP file or copied as a standard file copy.

Modern interface
The program has a fairly easy-to-use interface. FBackup supports multiple languages ​​and offers free utilities. Which can also called a good plus. You can customize all actions both before and after the backup. If you wish, you can enable automatic update mode, in which you will not need to keep track of new versions.

FBackup takes advantage of Windows Shadow Copy features and allows you to back up files even when they are in use or locked.

Other features include plug-ins for predefined backups, file filters, ZIP64 support, backup verification, password protection, and more.

FBackup has many advantages, support for complex searches, while being able to set the level of nesting and select only the necessary file formats. The developers took care of the user level. The program has two cloning modes, simplified and of course advanced, depending on your level, choose the appropriate mode.

The available Pro version (not free) offers additional backup methods and support for cloud storage.

Fbackup is a smart data backup software capable of working automatically, which is very convenient and saves time. Users only need to specify the files and folders that they want to back up, and the program will finish the job of analyzing and processing data.

The application supports storing backups on an external hard drive, local network or on the network.

Fbackup software performs backup every time when receiving commands from users or working according to pre-set schedules. The job of determining the automatic backup time only needs to be manipulated once and the program will regularly complete daily or weekly.

The application ensures the most accurate backup of the data so that they are exactly the same as the source.

Fbackup provides high data security by compressing the backup file as a Zip with password protection. The program also has the feature of backing up even open files in a modern real-time mechanism.
In addition, users are also supported with other smart options such as stand-by mode to rest, even turn off the computer when the backup job has been completed.

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