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Genie Timeline 10 Key is the name of new and professional software, to support user information in the simplest possible way. As you know, in the digital world, the issue of information backup is of particular importance. To the extent that experts believe that to secure a file, it is necessary to store several different versions of it in different memories. Today, users of computer systems that deal with big data use their external data to back up their data. But if you are also tired of copying new files or updating files, we will introduce you to the software that does the whole process of backing up your data entirely automatically. By installing and running this software, you will be only three steps away from defining how to back up your data.

The longer a computer is used, the larger the number of important files that are stored on it will get. To be able to be sure that this data doesn’t get lost due to a human error or a virus, it is important to make a backup copy periodically. To be able to fulfill this task you can always resort to an application like Genie Timeline.

How to configure Genie Timeline
This application is very intuitive and only requires being configured once to be able to complete periodic backup copies of all the data that the user chooses to protect. The configuration is very simple, having only three steps:

Step 1. Choose the storage unit.
Step 2. Select the data that is going to be protected.
Step 3. Additional options.
In what regards to the selection of the data, Genie Timeline allows the possibility to choose it based on the kind of file that is indicated or on the contrary in a much more conventional way, by indicating specific files or folders.

Therefore, if you are looking for a program that will allow you to create backup copies of your files with the maximum simplicity, download and try Genie Timeline.

Genie Timeline can restore all your information and settings. You can selectively back up your data and make Startup disks from backups on a virtual partition, a USB drive, or an ISO image so that you can recover your data if there is a problem with the system

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