Adobe Illustrator 2022Adobe Illustrator 2022

Adobe Illustrator 2022 is a powerful and professional vector graphics software and tool. Designers use it for a variety of purposes: as in the design of advertisements, greeting cards, posters, books, logos, paintings, cartoon or game characters design, magazines. , newspaper, etc. The program has a wide range of drawing tools, color and text management capabilities that make it easy to use and bring your creativity to life.

New Features In Adobe Illustrator 2022

First I went to the company’s homepage and found out some new features of Adobe Illustator 2022 v26.0 including:

Or Apply 3D effects (Technology Preview): Easily apply 3D effects to vector objects by extruding, rotating, and applying lighting with the updated 3D Panel.

Besides Add textures using Adobe Substance materials (Technology Preview):

Apply materials to create graphics with realistic textures in different lighting situations.

And Share for commenting: Share your Illustrator file link with anyone. They can view, rate and share comments directly on your file. This feature has also been updated for Photoshop 2022, but I see many other webapp designers that have used this feature for a long time.

Or Contextual self-guided content with discover panel:

Explore self-guided built-in content in contextual apps to assist users in their design process.


Enhanced productivity with Select same text: Modify the text characteristics of multiple text objects at the same time.

Seamless activation of missing fonts: This feature detects missing fonts and automatically activates. Them in the background when the document is opened.

Place linked cloud documents: Work with linked Creative Cloud PSD files in Illustrator. Relink, update or embed to work on files and of course this feature is not in the crack version already.

Support for HEIF or WebP formats:

You can now open or place High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF)Or WebP format files in Illustrator.

Simplified variable-width strokes: You can now work with variable-width strokes easily with fewer anchor points applied.

Adobe Illustrator 2022
Adobe Illustrator 2022

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