ImBatch 7.5ImBatch 7.5
ImBatch 7.5.0
ImBatch 7.5.0
ImBatch 7 is an image batch processing software that allows you to make various changes to multiple images at once. You can resize images, convert and adjust colors, remove or add EXIF ​​tags, change capture date, crop images, convert PDFs and more.

ImBatch processes, edits and converts image file formats in batches or individually, the main feature of this image editing software is that it allows you to easily add watermarks, edit EXIF ​​data and run scripts.

It handles more than 30 image formats, not only the common ones like JPEG, GIF and TIFF, but also FAX, G3N, G3F, XIF, ICB, WDP and many more rare formats.

You can create, save and load images for batch processing using the same settings. Download ImBatch and you will never regret it as you discover the countless amazing features the program has to offer.

The program allows you to select multiple processing options and combine them into a single task so that they can be applied with the click of a button. ImBatch also offers a real-time preview allowing you to see how each action will affect your image.

The program supports a wide range of image and RAW formats with the help of DCraw, ImageMagick and JBIG plug-ins.

Multi-tasking image processing
Task Structure (including image manipulation) is what makes ImBatch stand out from the competition. You can combine multiple tasks to create a thread that will give you exactly what you want. ImBatch provides many functions such as converting, resizing or applying watermarks. You can change the order of tasks, disable/enable tasks to exclude/include them in the task handler list, hide some task parameters, leave only the necessary ones. In addition, you can also undo/redo all changes made in the Task List.

Support multiple formats

Today, every camera seems to have its own image format. And these file types don’t always have a good relationship with each other. The good news is that ImBatch is capable of handling almost any image format you can name. ImBatch integrates with your original images whether they are BMP, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PNG or J2K source. At this point, you may be wondering “what about particularly rare formats?”

ImBatch also supports those formats with powerful format conversion technology. It allowing you to actually change image files from one format to another.

Furthermore, ImBatch includes 3 different plug-ins (DCRaw, ImageMagick and JBig). which are used to greatly expand the number of formats the tool can recognize.

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