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PicPick 5.2.1 free download [1/9/2022]

PicPick 5.2.1
PicPick 5.2.1
PicPick 5 is a screen capture application that includes a captured image editor with many built-in tools such as on-screen measuring tools, including color picker, palette, pixel ruler, protractor, cross and more.

The program allows you to capture the entire desktop, active window, selected area or window control with the click of a button or via keyboard shortcuts.

Captured images can be loaded into the internal image editor for further editing, saved as image files (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP) or automatically uploaded to your FTP server (image upload and copy the URL to the clipboard). The built-in PicPick image editor offers a variety of tools to add text, shapes, drop shadows, frames, and other effects to your images.

PicPick provides basic image editing features such as cropping, merging, resizing, rotating images, adding some special effects or simply adding notes, drawing shapes to images. You can also reset the configuration parameters to get the best quality output images such as brightness, saturation…

Similar to Snagit, PicPick supports users to take screenshots with many modes such as full screen capture, window capture, fixed area capture, you can use automatic page scrolling, dual screen, add sound effects, take multiple pictures at the same time. With such great features, many users who download Snagit as well as PicPick are satisfied with the photos taken from these two software.

PicPick allows to draw hands on the capture screen, use geometry, arrows, lines, text, blur, sharpen, color, contrast, brightness, pixelate filters, rotate, flip, frame effects,… for photos. In addition, the software also provides different types of color codes, converting Photoshop styles.

Features of PicPick
Easily take screenshots to save every moment
Edit directly, not through another photo editing program
Easily save photos with many formats
Various photo editing tools for you to choose from.
supports page scrolling, custom hotkeys and more.

PicPick 5.2.1 free || 16.7 MB


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