3utools 2

3uTools 2.60.022 final version [5/5/2023]

3uTools 2.59.006
3uTools 2.59.006
3uTools 2 is a practical piece of software that makes it easy to jailbreak your iOS device or flash other firmware versions to receive additional functionality or unlock certain restrictions.

The program offers several features for flashing firmware to your iOS device. Using the basic flashing tool you just need to select the firmware you want to flash. Enable or disable user data deletion and press the Flash button.

However, there’s also an advanced tool that lets you customize additional parameters like baseband upgrade skip, SHSH query, system partition size and activation.

You can also rely on 3uTools to jailbreak your iOS device using the dedicated function. You just need to select a supported firmware and follow the provided instructions.

Easy to install application with user-friendly interface
This program can be installed on your computer with minimum difficulty, as it does not require any additional configuration on your part. It comes with a smooth user interface that encompasses its core functions in a neat manner so that you can access them easily.

However, you need to have medium PC knowledge and a good understanding of flashing firmware and jailbreaking iOS devices, so that you can make use of its capabilities entirely.

Access simple or advanced flashing capabilities, depending on your needs

3uTools allows you to flash various firmware versions to your iOS device. By providing you with several ways of doing so. It is possible to access a basic flashing tool.  That only requires you to choose the desired firmware, toggle user data deletion on or off and click the Flash button.

Alternatively, you can opt for a more complex feature that allows you to configure advanced parameters such as SHSH query, activation, System partition size or baseband upgrade skip.

What’s new in 3uTools 2.59.006
January 19, 2022
3uPlayer brand new revision.
Fix some bugs.

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