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Directory Lister Pro 2.46 Enterprise Edition Free download [2/28/2022]

Directory Lister Pro 2.43
Directory Lister Pro 2.43
Directory Lister Pro 2 is software that helps users save, filter, and search the information that the user has saved information on. It allows you to list files or print folders, that is create and save, print or send via list of e-mail files from selected folders on hard disk, cd-roms, dvd-rom, floppys , USB storage and network shares.

Directory Lister Pro allows you to create a list of files or folders in a directory. A list of files or folders that you receive can be saved, printed, or distributed via email or other storage devices. Directory Lister also allows you to include complete information when you want to print a list of files or directories, you can enter more information, add CRC32, MD5, SHA-1 and number of hashes so you can verify the file not changed.

What’s more, you can keep your information secure by delegating it to them and compressing it securely. Listings can be in HTML, text, CSV format (for easy import into Excel) or stored directly in the database.

Directory Lister Pro allows you to list files in HTML, text, CSV format, save, print or archive to a repository or network share. This is one of the best and affordable apps from a wide range of directory printers.

Directory Lister Pro main features:
Command line parameter support
Custom installation script
Export directly to database via ODBC
Explorer context menu integration
File hashes (CRC32, MD5, SHA1, Whirlpool)
Filenames, attributes, and date filters
List files and directories of a directory
Save as text, CSV, HTML file or attachment
Various display options (custom)
And more.

The software runs stably on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Along with that, the features that this software brings are almost rare other software can do. In addition, Directory Lister Pro also supports the ability to easily print directories. Directory Lister Pro is the best application for a printer, it also has a built-in Windows Explorer context menu.

The main features of Directory Lister Pro:
Create file lists from many popular sources
Print directory listings with many supported formats
Support printing files in folders
Filter and find large sized folders
Good support for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Directory Lister Pro 2.46 32 AND 64 BIT FULL || 20.6 MB


Directory Lister Pro 2.43 32 AND 64 BIT FULL || 34.4 MB



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