FreeCommander XE 2022

FreeCommander XE 2022 Build 860 Free download [12/20/2021]

FreeCommander XE 2022 Build 860
FreeCommander XE 2022 Build 860
FreeCommander XE 2022 is an easy to use alternative to the standard windows file manager. The program helps you to work every day in Windows. Here you can find all the functions you need to manage your data warehouse.

You can take FreeCommander anywhere – just copy the installation folder on a CD or USB-Stick – and you can work with it on a foreign computer

Features of FreeCommander
Dual panel technology – horizontal and vertical (single panel is also possible)
Tabbed interface
Full access to the desktop
Optional tree view for each table
Built-in file viewer to view files in hex, binary, text or image format
File viewer and thumbnail viewer inside the archive too
Integrated archive handling: ZIP (read, write)
Handling nested storage
Plugins for other repositories (RAR, 7z, Get)
Simple view – unstructured view for files and folders
Browse links
Easy access to system folders, control panel, desktop and start menu
Copy, move, delete, rename files and folders (alternative as Windows or FreeCommander works)
Drag and Drop
Search files (inside archives too)
Duplicate search
Generate and verify MD5 and SHA . checksums
Delete files
Multiple renaming tool
Paths longer than 255 characters can be opened, copied, moved and renamed
File properties and context menu
Calculate folder size
Compare folders
Folder Synchronization
Modify date and file attributes
Favorite folder/program
File filter (possibly oversampling) for display and file operations
User-defined columns to view details
Auto View
Simple FTP/SFTP client
Access to a mobile device (e.g. smartphone, tablet)
DOS command line
Quick view
Quick search
Or Quick Filter
Quick start
All keyboard shortcuts are definable
Important changes and bug fixes in the release 860 :
Bug fix: Exception on swap panels if option “Quick filter bar always visible” is not active
OR Bug fix: Navigation through the history is broken if the file path contains the ‘=’ character
Bug fix: Internal PDF quick viewer – using Backspace or Delete key in the search field perform actions in main window
Bug fix: Internal PDF quick viewer – previous/next buttons issue
Bug fix: Selected item color issue
Or Bug fix: Restored layout does not set the main window in the proper position on the screen
Bug fix: The TAB context menu that is called up with a key combination does not contain all elements
Implemented: New action added – Edit -> Select same files in both panels
Implemented: New action added – View -> Only selected in both panels
Or Implemented: New color scheme “FreeCommander_Dark_Blue”, all dialogs have the colors too (64 bit only)
Implemented: New color scheme “FreeCommander_Solarized”, all dialogs have the colors too (64 bit only)
Changed: Special file list background colors are ignored for inactive panel
Changed: Viewer – VLC Player improved

FreeCommander XE 2022 Build 860 Final || 23.8 MB


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