NewFileTime 5.22NewFileTime 5.22
NewFileTime 5.22
NewFileTime 5.22

NewFileTime 5 is a small, standalone utility that allows you to change the Modify, Create, and Access date of any file. You can modify the date for one or more files, even the entire directory structure at the same time. Dates can be changed to a specific date and time, or you can choose to make each file “older” or “younger” by a certain number of days.

Easily access file and folder stored on your computer to modify or correct and manipulation timestamps using this software solution

What’s new in NewFileTime 5.22:
Some Optimization in the file-time tool for MS Windows OS
New languages ​​in the file time app: Catalan
Many thanks to David Gironès for the Catalan language
Regardless of whether you had a glitch with your smartphone or digital camera or the EXIF ​​information on your pictures was recorded flawed due to other reasons, there is a chance that you may want to modify it.

NewFileTime is a small and simple application that allows you to change the time stamps of your files and folders.

Quick setup and user-friendly interface
Since the application is portable, it does not require installation, but rather you can decompress the archive on any location on your hard drive. Furthermore, there will be no changes made to your Windows registry entries. At the same time, you are no longer to make any configurations, so you can start using it right away.

The interface of the program is plain and simple. You can import files and folders and, optionally, you can include subfolders and the root directory name by using the file browser. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the supported drag and drop function to add the files you want to edit and batch process them.

Simple and straightforward functionality
The idea behind the application is to provide you with a quick and versatile environment for editing the timestamp on files and directories. Therefore, you can change the date and time of creation, last accessed and last modification.

Moreover, you can also clear the list, export it to a text document or import a text file, as well as preview the old and new time stamp. The program takes up a very small amount of system CPU and memory, and applies instantly settings once you have pressed the “Set-Time” button. In addition, it supports several interface languages.

The minor setback here is the interface which could definitely welcome some improvements. Otherwise, we strongly recommend NewFileTime to all users, whether they are beginners or experienced individuals.

You can add files simply through Drag and Drop or by importing from a folder. In any case, it opens up in different ways to get you quickly to the work at hand.You can create files at a younger or older scale or you can set a specific date / time . It can be used to perform time corrections, such as: to set the incorrect time on digital cameras, computers, or for other important reasons.

If you want the date / time to be anything other than the current date and time, one way you can do this is by clicking the “#” drop-down menu. Two more submenus appear: time and date. They can be used in combination to specify a new date / time in one-hour increments from your current date / time. That method will yield a maximum change of about a week.

Files and folders will be deleted from the program by pressing the “reset” button. Then you can drag other files / etc into the program window. To set the date / time of an entire directory or tree, click the “Import” button and place the attributes there in a way that suits your needs. The attributes are:
Include subfolders
Add files
Add folders

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