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Maplesoft Maple 2022 is Maple’s leading computer engineering package that has been implemented for all math functions and covers basic operations and complex data processing algorithms. It is easily downloaded from In addition, the package includes more than 400 math functions and chart types.

According to the manufacturer, the Maple package is a leader in scalability and performance (thanks to the support of multi-core processors). The Maple pack has one unique property – it supports the symbolic solution of differential equations – no competing product has such a chance. The new version of Maple shows a record number, solving 96% of reference sets of differential equations.

With the Maple package, users can handle very large arrays of data and create even more powerful interactive applications using the new data tables. The new variable manager provides improved control during Maple sessions, monitoring the state of compute tasks. Today, the Maple pack is used in many fields – from controlling rover to teaching the basics of math. New integration of storage solutions on Maple servers. The Maple computer algebra system, which has a convenient graphic interface, allows one to create symbolic and numerical solutions of differential equations and integrals.

Features of Maplesoft Maple
Extensive interface.
Powerful math processor.
Ability to generate code.
View documents as a slide show.
Application at all stages of the project lifecycle.
Annotate documents using mathematical formulas and links.
Handwriting recognition function to translate formulas into electronic form.
Logical model and hypothesis test.
That means step-by-step preparation of technical documents.
Evaluate the interaction of objects, the definition of mathematical relationships.
Cross-references in documents for quick access to calculations.
A set of tools to dynamically model Dynamic Systems.
Ability to use the Maple programming language to create specialized tools to optimize and reconfigure parts.
Integration with CAD systems, including the popular NX platform (powered by running from the NX interface).

Maplesoft Maple 2022 64 bit FULL | 2.8 GB


Maplesoft Maple 2021.2 64 bit FULL | 2.0 GB

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