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SoftMaker Office Pro 2021 Rev S1030.0201 CRACK Final Version [2/8/21]


SoftMaker Office 2021 Create impressive documents with ease. Let your documents speak for themselves: Thanks to its intuitive way of use, its huge feature set and outstanding performance, you’ll create first-class documents, spreadsheets and presentations with SoftMaker Office.

Seamless compatibility with Microsoft Office
Skip the annoying import and export: SoftMaker Office uses the Microsoft formats DOCX, XLSX and PPTX as its default file formats. This lets you edit your documents in Microsoft Office directly and without conversion.

Write: TextMaker
The modern word processor TextMaker lets you create documents of any size in next to no time – be it a flyer, a brochure, a business letter or a complete academic paper. Thanks to its native use of the DOCX file format, your documents are always compatible with Microsoft Word.

Calculate: PlanMaker
The powerful spreadsheet program PlanMaker makes creating calculations, worksheets and charts of any complexity a cinch – from a simple timetable to the complete financial planning of your company. As it uses the XLSX file format natively, you can edit Microsoft Excel files true to the original.

Present: Presentations
Create impressive slide shows with Presentations. Thanks to breathtaking animations and slide transitions and sophisticated master pages, you are well-prepared for every presentation. As Presentations uses the PPTX file format natively, document exchange with PowerPoint is fully seamless.

Features of SoftMaker Office 2021 Full
All applications
– Powerful new research function: Select any term in your document and look it up in a large variety of online dictionaries and encyclopedias.
– Export your documents to PDF/A for long-term preservation.
– The enhanced version control allows you to “travel back in time”: You can not only go back to manually saved states of your document, but also revisit an arbitrary number of automatic backups.
– The dialog box for creating new documents now presents all document templates with attractive preview images.
– You can now convert AutoShape objects to curves. This gives you amazing new design possibilities.
– Create sophisticated designs by combining multiple AutoShape objects into one.
– Create attractive documents using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files.
– The improved user interface for object sizing enables you to arrange pictures, drawings, text frames and other objects more conveniently.
– The automatic hyphenation with improved hyphenation results lets you write better texts.
– The automatic hyphenation now supports additional languages.
– New licensing model: You can use one license of SoftMaker Office 2021 on any combination of up to five computers running Windows, macOS or Linux.

– For German spell checking and grammar checking, the latest version of Duden Korrektor has been added.
– The new text-style analysis checks German texts and gives suggestions for improvement and rewording.
– TextMaker now integrates directly with the citation and reference management software Zotero, making the creation of academic documents easier than ever. [SoftMaker Office Professional and NX Universal]
– Automatically add fold marks to your pages to make sure you fold them right for an envelope.
– Many new included document templates make creating attractive documents easier.
– Enhance your productivity with two customizable sidebars.
– Search your documents using the new sidebar and conveniently browse through the search results.
– Page thumbnails in the sidebar allow for better navigation in large documents.
– The database module has been completely overhauled and now supports not only dBASE databases, but also SQLite databases.
– You can convert your existing dBASE databases to SQLite using the integrated database module.
– You’re organizing your contacts using an Excel/PlanMaker file? That’s fine: TextMaker now supports XLSX and PMDX files as data sources for mail merges.
– TextMaker now supports footnotes and endnotes in the same document, both seamlessly compatible with Microsoft Word.
– TextMaker now supports Word-compatible multi-page endnotes.
– Improved cross references to headings
– Entries in the table of contents are now clickable, making it easy to navigate in large documents.

– With the new page break preview, you can easily prepare your worksheets for printing.
– Pivot tables now support grouping data items.
– New calculation functions have been added, all compatible to current versions of Microsoft Excel.
– You can now display multiple real-time calculations simultaneously in the status bar.

– Create portable slide shows that can be played back on any Windows computer – even if there’s no presentation graphics program installed.
– New transitions enable you to create breathtaking slide shows.
– Many transitions are now seamlessly compatible to Microsoft

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