Q-Dir 9.23Q-Dir 9.23
Q-Dir 9.23
Q-Dir 9.23

Q-Dir is a good file manager with an amazing Quadro-View technique. You don’t have to renounce the usual, Drag and Drop, all Views, and other functions of your system.
Q-Dir is a software that manages all the files and folders on your computer, allowing you to view files simultaneously in 4 different locations (quadro view) while maintaining all of the standard Explorer features. .

It also offers a host of additional file management features including color-coded file filters, customizable column and layouts, quick access to favorite files and folders, and more.
Other Q-Dir features include exporting directory listings (.txt, .doc, .html, .csv), color themes, network support, support for all Explorer views, and more.

Q-Dir gives you other nice functions, that make you happy. One can save many hand moves and also time!

Q-Dir does not have to be installed and can be executed easily from the desktop, and can be carried on a small usb-stick or other memory device.


Favorites: Quick access to most often used folders.
Drag&Drop: Move files by dragging in Q-views, and other programs such as MS Explorer.
Clipboard: Copy/ Paste between the Q-Dir directory views, and other programs such as MS Explorer.
Folder-Type: ZIP-, FTP-,cabinet-,network-, system – folders, shortcuts …
Views: Large icons, tiles, list, detail, thumbnail (Vista: extra large symbols) .
Export: to XLS, CSV, TXT, HTML.
Popup Menus: Desktop, My Computer.
Screen magnifier: anything on the screen can be enlarged.
Color Filter: Different colors for different item types (e.g. .log;.txt).
Highlight-Filter: Effective way for fast items highlighting.
File-Filter: Allows for quick and easy filtering of the items.
Columns: All columns support, and save function .
Quick-Link’s: For fast folder access.
Folder-Select: Fast & flexible folder selection address-bar/ desktop menu/ my-computer menu/…
Multi-INI: Several INI files for Q-Dir.
Tree-View: Simple and quadruple.
Preview: Allows a quick preview.
What’s New:
Improvement in access to various storage media and network
Improvement when saving the column settings or view settings
Update of the language files in Q-Dir

Q-Dir 9.78 free 32 AND 64 BIT | 1.8 MB


Q-Dir 9.23 free | 3.5 MB


Q-Dir 9.23 x64 BIT FREE | 3.8 MB


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