PhoneRescue for iOS 4.1.20210708 precracked [7/21/2021]

PhoneRescue for iOS 4.1.20210220
PhoneRescue for iOS 4.1.20210220
PhoneRescue for iOS 4.1.20210220
PhoneRescue for iOS 4.1.20210220

PhoneRescue for iOS is a solution to recover lost data of iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad with the ability to quickly work to find all the data on the device such as music, videos, pictures, call logs. , contacts, or even messages. With PhoneRescue you do not need to connect your iPhone device to your computer directly, the software works through indicators and accounts, now you can completely rest assured when using data on iPhone, by all. If the user’s data is lost, it can be easily recovered.

PhoneRescue is a free app that expands iOS and iCloud existing recovery features to allow users to recover more than 25 different file types with ease. It’s a perfect addition to existing backups, but can also restore some files you lost without backing up. It can even find out what’s missing!

PhoneRescue has a Recover-from-Device mode which can find data and safely recover data in the iPhone, which can recover data when the device encounters certain situations like your phone. Corrupted can not connect to your computer or your phone device has been stolen, with Recover-from-iTunes-Backup use mode which helps you get back data without connecting phone to computer.

It is quite a frustrating experience when your iPhone crashes. But you can take it easy now. PhoneRescue not only saves your data, but also fixes your iOS system issues, including White/Blue/Black screen of death, frozen iPhone, and even devices in Recovery/DFU Mode, etc.

PhoneRescue is more than an iOS repair tool. It can safely remove both Lock Screen Passcode and Screen Time Passcode, if you forgot those passcodes by accident. In this way, you can freely access your iPhone as usual, then have full control over the iOS device.

When restoring photos on phone devices PhoneRescue has an image preview function so you can choose whether to restore the images or not, to avoid wasting unnecessary time on restoring the images. PhoneRescue has the added feature of restoring lost applications after upgrading the operating system, restoring anything installed that was corrupted or lost in use.

PhoneRescue for iOS features
– Recover SMS, contacts, notes, call logs for iPhone

  • Restore installed apps

  • Preview images before restoring

  • Recover text files, export to multiple formats

PhoneRescue for iOS 4.1.20210708 precracked | 36.3 MB


PhoneRescue for iOS 4.1.20210220 precracked | 43.3 MB


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