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IsMyHdOK 3.66 final free version [6/17/2022]

IsMyHdOK 3 was created by developer Nenad Hrg to serve the performance evaluation of devices.

It allowing users to test the read and write speed of all devices in the system.

In addition, IsMyHdOK software also allows users to save to removable drives, convenient to use on all compatible computers.

IsMyHdOK is a lightweight and very simple software that supports the ability to run tests to evaluate the performance of SSDs, HDDs, SDs, USB drives and evaluate the read and write speeds of these devices.

Storage on mobile devices

To use the application, users need to download IsMyHdOK and just unzip the archive folder and run the EXE file, because IsMyHdOK absolutely does not require users to install complicated.

Therefore, users can easily save the IsMyHdOK application to a USB drive or other removable memory drives, carry it with them, and use it on all compatible computers.

When it comes to checking the read and write speed of the hard drive, CrystalDiskMark is used by a lot of people, helping you better understand the current hard drive status for ways to fix errors, upgrade, in addition to the advantages of CrystalDiskMark Also very fast processing speed.

Run a test to evaluate the performance of the partitions

IsMyHdOK allows the user to select the target device from a dedicated menu; and supports not only HDD and SSD drives, but also USB drives and SD memory cards. Therefore, users can use the IsMyHdOK application whenever needed.

IsMyHdOK provides four different testing processes, including “Short Test” (Short Test, about 15 seconds), “Quick Test” (Quick test, about 30 seconds), “Long test” (about 60 seconds). ) and “Very long test” (up to 4 minutes).

Operations include reading and writing data continuously, in 4 or 512 kb data blocks, as well as running 64 4 kb data blocks in parallel. The term “Access Time” refers to the amount of time it takes between each read/write of data, and measured in milliseconds.

Once the above operations completed, the results will be displayed in two tables, representing the “Read” and “Write” values. In the lower part of the application window, users can easily monitor “Benchmark” estimates. The “Screenshot to File” function allows users to save the resulting image to the computer as PNG format.

ParkDale is also a software to test the read and write speed of the hard drive . So that you know the exact performance of the hard drive or CD-ROM. In addition, ParkDale provides options for users to test modes. different hard drives or CD-ROMs to test their speed.

Useful tool for evaluating device performance

In short, IsMyHdOK is an extremely useful and useful program that helps users calculate the performance of partitions in the computer, as well as determine the disk’s read and write speed through other testing methods. together.

Features of IsMyHdOK:

  • Calculate the performance of the device.

  • Determine the read and write speed of the disk.

  • Support snapshot function of estimation results.

  • Store on mobile devices.

IsMyHdOK 3.66

IsMyHdOK 3.66 free ||220 KB


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