Apeaksoft Screen Recorder 1.3.32

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder 1.3.32 64 bit crack [5/26/2021]

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder 1.3.32
Apeaksoft Screen Recorder 1.3.32

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder 1 is a professional screen recording and recording software, audio capture and screen capture software for Windows and MacOS. Apeaksoft Screen Recorder makes it easy to get movies and online radios, record games, make tutorial videos, record webcam videos, take screenshots. In addition, you can annotate your recording with a text box, arrows, highlights and more.

Main features of Apeaksoft Screen Recorder
Record and record computer screen video
Record, record live sound thanh
Support to take good quality screenshots
Apeaksoft Screen Recorder can save the recording on your computer in MP3/WMA/AAC/M4A for playback
Supports standard photo editing tools
Easily annotate captured videos and screenshots.

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder helps to capture almost any video played on your computer, including 4K videos. You can use this screen capture software to record various kinds of videos, like online movies, video conference, video tutorials, game play and other videos you want to save. When you record the screen, you can choose to record the sound of the video itself or record your own voice through microphone. Key functions: 1. Record any videos on your computer Apeaksoft Screen Recorder is professional video recording software.
With this recording software, you don’t have to buy another downloader because it will save more time and money to record than download.
It is more powerful than downloader because it can save more, including game play process, video meetings and online streaming videos, etc. You can record any formats of video on your computer, even 4K videos.
2. Highlight the mouse cursor as you want This is especially useful when you make video presentations. You can highlight the mouse cursor to make your action easier to be tracked on screen. Also you can define the color and the shape of the highlight.
3. Record any audio source as you like The highlight of this Screen Recorder lies in this feature.
When you record a video, you can choose to record the voice of the video itself by using the system audio, or record your own voice by enabling microphone voice.
The former one fits for recording movies while the latter one is fit for making video presentations. If you want to record a video meeting, you should turn both of them on.

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