Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro 2

Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro 2.0.1 Full crack [5/31/2021]

Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro 2.0.1
Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro 2.0.1

Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro 2 is an effective solution to improve the quality of your videos. Stabilize shaky footage super easily, optimize contrast and color, or sharpen your clips. Eliminate digital noise and flicker with incredible ease. Create slow motion or time-lapse effects and correct lens distortion with the push of a button. Use the built-in editor to rotate, crop or merge your videos.


Use the many visual effects to give your photos and videos that special look & feel.

Use the tilt-shift filter to create a selective blur and give your captures a unique look. It can also be used to create a “miniature” effect which makes real landscapes look like miniature toys.

icon fisheye
Remove lens distortions
Remove fish-eye effects from videos and photos (defishing) often caused by action cameras and other wide angle lenses. The program features a series of built-in camera profiles and you can easily create custom profiles for every camera and lens you use.

icon stbilize
Camera shake reduction
Optically stabilize your videos, ideal for hand-held footage and action clips.

Noise reduction
Remove noise from videos and photos caused by poor lighting high ISO settings.

icon sharpen
Sharpen photos and videos
Improve the sharpness in your photos and videos and make them look more crisp.

icon crop
Rotate & Crop
Rotate videos and photos by 90 / 180 / 270 degrees or custom angles and crop them to size.

Remove flickering from timelapses and videos recorded under difficult lighting conditions.

screenshot speed
Change playback speed
Many actioncams can record video with 60fps or more. Video Optimizer Pro allows you to slow down or speed up your videos, e.g. for a slow-motion effect.

System requirements:
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7

Ashampoo by the numbers
20+ million
500.000+ per month
In over 160 countries
Over 20 years

More precisely, the application allows you to correct various errors caused by different external factors and also allows you to add effects, text, watermarks and can improve the overall color and contrast to have better output. The application has an interface with two tabs, namely: fast, in which you can do batch video processing and an advanced tab, where you can carefully edit each parameter. The Quick View tab displays a list of all parameters for each added file, but you can choose which parameters or effects will be added or edited for each clip. In case you’re preparing a video for download, it might be better to edit it on the Advanced View tab. This tab allows you to fine-tune settings and tweak exposure, shadows, highlights, RGB, and similar settings in a more professional way.

The program contains a set of tools that provide an easy way to remove unwanted elements that could be accidentally discovered in your video. At the same time, you can apply noise reduction, stabilization, playback speed adjustment. If you want to share your work on the Internet, the app allows you to add text or a watermark that can serve as a logo, or you can use it to send personal messages to your viewers. Additionally, you can add or edit metadata and thus protect your work from anyone who wants to use it without your permission.

With wide support for HD cameras, codecs and resolutions Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro can be a great application for those looking to get started in the field. Not only can you make your videos more engaging, but also add metadata that allows you to securely upload them to various social media and streaming services.

Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro’s outstanding features
Perfect for video on mobile phones, action cameras, digital cameras and drones
High-performance image stabilization
No more lens distortion: Automatically removes fisheye
Sharpness and color for a whole new visual experience
Motion is slow and the effect passes quickly over time. results
Perfect exposure and contrast settings even for unlucky shots
Great effects like tilting for a more personal feel
Reduce noise and blur for clear and sharp videos
Rotating and editing videos is amazingly easy through the built-in editor
Save time with batch processing.
Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro can not only enhance the quality of your videos, but also supports 90/180/270 and custom level rotation plus cropping. Export your featured video and merge multiple photos and videos into one clip!

Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro corrects lens distortions for natural looking images. The program has a number of presets for different camera models with support for custom profiles.

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