Close All Windows 5 (or CloseAll) is an ultimate task management tool for Windows designed specifically to quickly close multiple applications. CloseAll flashes a ‘close’ signal to the selected applications and then ceases. It doesn’t use any system resources at all, since you run it only when needed. What can be easier than a task list with check boxes and OK button? In addition, you can run it without any UI too!

CloseAllWindows 5.6
CloseAllWindows 5.6

CloseAll allows you to choose different sorting and grouping options for the task list, double-click groups to select/deselect the whole group, filter apps by typing in any part of their window title or app name, and use individual close buttons to close apps one by one.

Close All Windows – Light Theme
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You can close apps one by one:

Close All Windows – Close Button
Select/deselect groups with a single click:

Close All Windows – Select Group
Start typing to search for apps:

Close All Windows – Search
Command Line Usage
You can specify /NOUI command line switch to run CloseAll in silent mode and close all windows without any UI interaction. Just open CloseAll shortcut properties and add /NOUI to the “Target” location:

Close All Windows – Shortcut Properties
CloseAll is indeed very handy if you are running dozens of applications at the same time and want all of them to quit instantly. Try it now to see if it saves you time!

What’s New in CloseAll

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Close All Windows v5.6 – Five New Languages
Changelog for CloseAll v5.6 (May 5, 2023):

New languages: Bulgarian, German, French, Korean, PortugueseBR
Updated languages: Russian
Added string 9557 to _Translation.txt for empty search
Some other minor improvements and bug fixes

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