UltimateDefrag 6.0.94UltimateDefrag 6.0.94
DiskTrix UltimateDefrag
DiskTrix UltimateDefrag

UltimateDefrag 6 is a powerful drive defragmentation software that optimizes your file system for optimal hard drive performance. UltimateDefrag 6 gives you unlimited power and flexibility to defragment and more importantly optimize your file system, by putting your most frequently used files on the fastest part. of the hard drive, the outer slots, to give you optimal hard drive performance.

UltimateDefrag 6 gives you features that no defragmentation software product in the world gives you, and almost every feature you might want in your defragmentation software, to enable you achieved per millisecond of performance from hard drive. It has been equipped with extra compression when you defragment, compress stored files to save space, or switch to High Performance for better performance. Other methods have been improved and include a feature to reduce alignment rigor so that the time to defragment faster while rearranging your entire hard drive. The Quick File Defrag Only method gives you advanced options that let you prioritize which files are in priority allowing you to defrag really quickly and pack better files for better performance and less free space fragmentation.

With UltimateDefrag, you can browse and organize fragmented files on your hard drive in 10 ways, and you can select and defrag select a group of files. For example, you might just want to select and defragment files you’ve used in the last 7 days. Just sort the list, click and then choose Defragment Now. Only files will be fragmented.

If you have a large 4 Tb drive with millions of fragments and don’t want to try to defrag all at once (which can take hours), you can set UltimateDefrag to defrag in any amount of time. . 1 hour and then exit the program So before shutting down your PC for the day, you can start defragmentation, set UltimateDefrag to run for 1 hour and then let it exit the program and put your computer on sleep mode. Just do this every day for a few days and your drive will eventually be completely defragmented and working as fast as it should.

UltimateDefrag6 performs a full analysis of current file usage and file layout to give you an intelligent and accurate assessment of the expected performance you’ll achieve based on current drive state. . Improved interface fixes a few bugs and produces better results for your system file fragmentation. No other product anywhere on planet earth allows you to defrag and custom place these NTFS system metadata.

This version has developed UltimateDefrag into an optimal product because it can allow you to realize the maximum possible performance from your hard drive. UltimateDefrag is Nirvana for system twuster. You can squeeze every millisecond of performance out of your hard drive!

Features of UltimateDefrag
Efficient drive defragmentation
Rearrange files on hard drive
Many defrag modes to choose from
Fast and safe working speed
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