Iobit Driver booster 8.

Iobit Driver booster Final version [ 9/6/2021]

Driver Booster Pro

Iobit Driver Booster 8  is a driver-update tool .

And it definitely at the very top of its profession to keep drivers and game components up-to-date.

It’s easy-to-use, super useful, and powerful for Windows users.

Besides Update all your drivers and game components, thus ensuring your computer runs smoothly.

And stays issue-free, with this intuitive application

What’s new in Driver Booster PRO 8 RC

It Optimized Offline Driver Updater to make it much easier to use.
Or Added support for skin customization.

So Added file-integrity check to guarantee the correct installation of the program. Besides it Added register & purchase entries.

We’ve all been there  all prepared . And we ready to enjoy a spanking new software.

Besides we have exciting game or even a new version of some Windows component.

But none of that being possible because of missing or incorrect drivers.

And it’s a real pain to manually look for, download, install . Or it update those accordingly, making things so much of a hassle.

As it can take away all the enthusiasm we had before starting the process.

The latest iteration of Driver Booster PRO will take care of such tasks elegantly.

And it will coming packed with even more useful features than the previous version.

Forget about scouring the Internet for rare drivers, the 3.500.000 driver database has things covered. When things get rough and the built-in, Windows driver finder tool fails (it usually does).

One has to go through the nightmare of manually finding drivers. Luckily, Driver Booster PRO specifically designed for tackling such undertakings, all in an efficient, automatic way.

Using the large, discernible on-screen controls and simply running a scan will reveal all the drivers issues, as well as their status. Which color-coded, for even easier identification.

Having such a large driver database means that even the most obscure ones can be easily found.

However, drivers aren’t the only supported feature. As the program can also take care of game components. And it will notify users of all identified issues.

Turn on automatic updates, make use of game performance-oriented driver updating . And rest assured notifications won’t disturb you when running apps in full-screen.

One of the most useful features of the app is the automatic updating of drivers. Which will save users from a lot of trouble.

Furthermore, apart from the access to the large driver database. This newer version has the game component updating focused more on increasing overall performance.

Users will not be annoyed by updating notifications when running their favorite games or apps in full-screen mode. Which is a nice touch.

For a more comprehensive overview of the new features and refinements emphasized in this version.

Users can have a quick look at this presentation video provided by the developer.

With the super extensive database (4,500,000).

Driver Booster 8 can update all outdated, faulty and missing drivers with just 1 click.

Besides the vast database, it also has the following outstanding features.

High precision of driver matching: guaranteed by continuously optimized scan logic and unique matching algorithm

Free to choose driver-update priority: the latest drivers or the most stable drivers.

Offline Driver Updater: enables you to install and update the driver without Internet access

Far more than that, the Boost feature in Driver Booster 8 can bring users with better gaming experience and PC performance.

Moreover, at least nine useful tools are offered to help fix the most common headache problems.

There are no sound, network failure, bad resolution, device errors, and more.

In a word, Driver Booster 8 is a must-have tool to update drivers, boost games.

And it help to fix common PC problems.

Version History for Driver Booster 8
It Optimized Offline Driver Updater to make it much easier to use. Software Added support for skin customization. OR Added file-integrity check to guarantee the correct installation of the program.
So Added register & purchase entries. Beside Added multilingual support. It Minor UI improvements. Final it  Fixed known bugs.

Iobit Driver booster FULL | 31.3 MB


Iobit Driver booster FULL | 26.5 MB

Iobit Driver booster setup+ LOADER | 26.5 MB
Iobit Driver booster setup+ LOADER | 26.0 MB

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