SUMo 5.14SUMo 5.14
Sumo 5.14
Sumo 5.14
SUMo 5 (Software Update Monitor) keeps your PC up to date & secure by using the latest version of your favorite software. Unlike the built-in automatic update feature, Sumo will let you know if an update is showing before you need to use your software.
Features of SUMo Pro
Automatically detect installed software
Detecting updates/releases
necessary patches for your software Detect required driver updates (requires DUMo)
Beta filter/authorization (user settings)
Automatic self-update (PRO only)
Direct access to software developer website (PRO only)
Skip the list: track only the software YOU want to track
More compatibility and less falsehoods than other software Update Monitor (according to user feedback 😉
Internationalization support.
What’s new in Portable SUMo
December 11, 2021
[Refactoring] Company name rationalization for “Process Hacker” (Kyle_Katarn)
[Refactoring] Remove trailing ” 64bit” from names (Kyle_Katarn)
[Bug] “Google Chrome Canary” listed as “Google Chrome” (Kyle_Katarn)
[Refactoring] “Cisco Systems, Inc.” company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
[Refactoring] Inconsistent company name for “Win 10 Tweaker” (Kyle_Katarn)
[Refactoring] Incorrect version reported for “NetPhone Client ” (Kyle_Katarn)
[Refactoring] Updated Italian translation (Kyle_Katarn)
[Refactoring] Updated German translation (Kyle_Katarn)
[Refactoring] Distinguish “Samsung Portable SSD for T7” and “Samsung Portable SSD for T5/X5” (Kyle_Katarn)
[Refactoring] Ultimate Windows Tweaker v4 for Win10 shall be distinguished from v5 for Win11, v3 for for Win8.x and v2 for Vista & 7 (Kyle_Katarn)
[Refactoring] “The windows club” company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
[Bug] AsIoUnins.exe to be filtered out (Kyle_Katarn)

SUMo 5.14.6 Final || 3.3 MB


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