Mozilla Firefox 114

Mozilla Firefox 123.0 final version [2/19/2024]

Mozilla Firefox 89.0.2
Mozilla Firefox 89.0.2

Mozilla Firefox 114 focuses on upgrading existing features and fixing bugs to provide an efficient web browsing experience for users. Although behind Google Chrome and CocCoc, Firefox still has a stable user base due to the many useful features it brings.

The new Firefox Quantum interface is simplified, the “off” button on the tabs has been enlarged to help close tabs on the touch screen faster, the font in the address bar has also been increased in size. It can be integrated into the search box on the taskbar of Windows 10 to allow you to find content using engines other than Bing such as Google or Yahoo.

Mozilla also added a new beautiful Firefox theme for Windows 10. Firefox includes features like Pop-up blocking, Tab browsing, integration with Google Search, simplified privacy management, and streamlined browser windows that let you see more pages than your browser does. other browsing and some features that you can use every time you are online.

Firefox is rated as the most secure web browser and also a browser with many extensions to meet most of the user’s needs. Moreover, Firefox Browser supports most of the most popular platforms today, making it easy for users to browse the web on any device.

Features of Firefox Quantum

Screen capture

Simple screenshot feature. Capture and share them directly from Firefox. That means you don’t need to waste time finding secret file names on your PC anymore.

Games & VR

Designed for next-generation gaming, Firefox now supports WASM and WebVR. No additional installation required


Save time! Find all your favorites like Pocket content, bookmarks, browsing history, screenshots, downloads in one place

Customization feature

Extensions: Customize Firefox with thousands of add-ons like LastPass, uBlock Origin, Evernote…
Appearance: Transform Firefox to suit the mood! Choose a new look from the respective category or create your own.
Toolbar: Set up Firefox your way. Drag and drop features in or out of the toolbar for easy access.

Update the latest Mozilla Firefox 92

New feature

A whole new Firefox experience with a cleaner, more intuitive interface that’s easy to use.
Besides Simplify browsing and toolbars: Less frequently used items give way to more important features.
So it has Seamless menu, clearer: Rearrange the menu according to your needs. Update the label and remove the icon.
Also it has Info bars, tables, and methods have a cleaner new look.
The floating tab contains important information and features a set of visual indicators for audio tuning.

The circular design for the active tab makes it easy to move the tab as needed.
Reduce the number of alerts and notifications to avoid disturbing the user.
The interface is more beautiful with gentle tones and compact icons, consistent style between pages.

DOWNLOAD Mozilla Firefox 123.0  64 BIT  free  || 59.98 MB


Also you can download CCleaner Browser 97.0.13836.102

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