Tor Browser 10.0.11

Tor Browser 12.0.5 free Version [10/13/2022]

Tor Browser 10.0.11
Tor Browser 10.0.11

Tor Browser 12 is a private, secure web browser for users who need to keep their important information secure. Tor Browser has built-in IP hiding mode when surfing the web so that no one can know where you have visited. What to do on the Internet, instead of having to manually set an IP like in another browser, with Tor, you will automatically change the IP address on your computer to hide your identity while surfing the web.

Introducing Tor
Tor Browser has just been available on Android operating system with Alpha version to users, you can download Tor for Android here.

If you are looking for a web browser where security is paramount, the Tor Browser is a great choice thanks to the ability to anonymously browse, hide your real IP and encrypt data Internet. Besides, Tor Browser also supports accessing blocked websites quite easily.

If you need a browser that supports downloading or accessing facebook when blocked, Coc Coc is the most suitable choice, coc coc is a Vietnamese browser with interesting features supporting Vietnamese people.

Tor Browser integrates with the HTTPS Everywhere utility, protecting your data securely by encrypting communications between your computer and the many websites you visit. This feature is easily customizable to allow or restrict access to specific content.

Tor Browser allows users to effectively anonymize, browse to any website in the world. The program provides different options so that users can easily search for an address and content on the network in no time. In particular, this program supports quite well the ability to anonymize the user so that it does not leave traces, browsing history to hackker to take advantage of.

Tor also full name is Tor Browser Bundle is a web browser that provides you with the ability to access the internet safely and securely for personal information and sensitive documents. Because Tor Browser Bundle will automatically change the IP address on your computer to hide your identity while surfing the web.

Torch Browser supports to change many languages ​​for many countries, including Vietnamese, if you want to change the language on Torch Browser please see the instructions in our tips section.

Tor Browser allows users to secure personal information, does not save traces when browsing so can avoid the theft of personal information, an open source project that helps users browse the web safe. Tor Browser with the mechanism of running through a series of anonymous proxies, is essentially an anonymous network but has an intelligent algorithm that helps both ensure data is secure without slowing down the web browsing process.

If you have never used Tor, you can see how to use it here: Using Tor on blocked websites.
Tor Browser supports internet access, listening to music, and watching video normally similar to other web browsers today, however, in Tor Browser there are some other features such as supporting users to secure account information. , the internet IP address they use, which makes many people feel more interested in using Tor.

DOWNLOAD Tor Browser 12.0.5 free Version 32 and 64 bit | 182.1 MB




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