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Close All Windows 4.9
Close All Windows 4.9
Close All Windows 4 is a small tool designed to help you close all opened windows on your computer screen in one move without any useless complications

There comes a time when everyone, even you get fed up with how many windows are open at the same time on your computer screen . And you just don’t have the patience to manually close them all. For this reason, Close All Windows developed to help you shut down all active applications . And windows that reside on your desktop.

Straightforward interface and approach
To perform this task, Close All Windows uses a simple and effective method. So From the main window, you can view all your currently running applications.  And open windows which Close All Windows can act upon.

With the ones you would like closed selected, all you have to do is click the ‘OK’ button and the application sends the close signal. So You can manually select the ones that are about to be closed or you can use the ‘Select All’ function to automatically choose every item in the list.

Save time by automating
It can be frustrating to manually close a large number of windows and because of this, using Close All Windows is a time saver. Especially since it is capable of closing both maximized and minimized applications or windows.

Sort and group tasks
A single application can produce multiple windows, such as the case of a multimedia player or an instant messaging app. Close All Windows enables you to sort the windows and group them according to name and source, this way you can close exactly what you need as fast as you can.

The application works just fine most of the time . But there are cases when an app can prove to be stubborn . And you might need to try the auto close more than once. Which kind of defies its purpose.

Moreover, the tool doesn’t come with an auto update function so in order to see what apps are open, you’ll have to perform a manual refresh of the list.

A handy auto-close tool
All-in-all, Close All Windows is a very good piece of software to have around . If you know your daily routine leaves you with a lot of windows at the end of the day. And you want to close them with one action.

What’s new in Close All Windows 4.9:
Added official support for Windows 11
Improved algorithm for extracting UWP icons
Fixed an issue with Microsoft Snipping Tool icon
Removed an extra folder and URL from Startup menu

Close All Windows 4.9 FULL || 5.4 MB



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