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Download iMindMap 10.1.1 full crack helps you draw simple [10/19/2023]


iMindMap 10 is an application that helps you draw simple and intuitive mind maps right on your computer. This is a very powerful software, providing users with a lot of support tools to convert ideas into images.

iMindMap 10 is considered the most comprehensive mind mapping tool for the computer. The new interface of iMindMap 10.1.1 is refined and redesigned to display more clearly, focus on key features and improve performance for users.

iMindMap is feature-rich software utility that sports a highly interactive interface and intuitive features for creating mind maps, which can help you better manage ideas and tasks, even throughout group brainstorming sessions.

The initial phase of a mind map focuses on defining the central idea, after which other ideas are branched out as they flow. It is possible to create subdivisions of branches, build a child map, as well as insert flowing texts and charts, along with links, text and audio notes, sketches and spreadsheets.

The mind map can be translated into 3D or presentation viewing mode with the click of a button in the ribbon bar. You can clean up the layout, use a search function, manage an icon and image library, edit SmartLayout settings (branch style, spacing, auto condense), customize the design (e.g. background color, layout), as well as apply a spellchecker to review your project.

The project or just parts of it can be exported to audio notes, PDFs and documents, images, interactive presentations, OPML files, spreadsheets, and other formats.

Here are some key features of “iMindMap”:
– World’s only official Mind Mapping software:
– iMindMap is the only software product that fully duplicates Tony Buzan’s renowned Mind Mapping techniques
– Fully organic:
– iMindMap allows you to create completely organic looking Mind Maps
– AutoLayout & Styles:
– Automatically organise your maps and choose one of 10 different styles settings from organic to radial to linear
– Expand and collapse branches:
– Show or hide branches whilst you work or present, maximising your workspace
– Focus in and out:
– ‘Focus in’ to make a branch your central idea whilst you map, ‘focus out’ to add your new ideas to your Mind Map
– Child Maps:
– Create Child Mind Maps for any branch(es) within your Mind Map any bi-directionally link between them
– Microsoft Office integration:
– Complete Office integration for ALL users even if you don’t have Office installed
– integration:
– Complete integration for ALL users even if you don’t have Open Office installed

Main features of iMindMap 10:
Intuitive task management meets all project planning needs: easy timeline chart navigation, project progress tracking, and seamless project management.
New Time Map view: shorten the distance between the mind map and the timeline project plan. Switch to Time Map View mode to optimize the performance of mind maps, easily turn ideas into action.
Explore the Toolbox of the Time Map view: includes task list, execution milestones, task join, time indicator, share Email, tag, image and icon …
Branch drawing tools improvements.
Integrated new Mind Map library: allows to find and download thousands of iMindMap templates.
Optimize ideas view: capture and group multiple ideas together.
Fast Capture view enhancement: add cover photos to idea bubbles and change colors for classification, increasing the ability to remember ideas to realize them.
Better tag and logo management.




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