MediBang Paint Pro 27MediBang Paint Pro 27
MediBang Paint Pro 27.1.
MediBang Paint Pro 27.1.

MediBang Paint Pro 27 is a professional version for drawing comics with great tools to help you create perfect comic products. It provides 50+ brushes for you to use such as GPen and Map Brush for inking and watercolor brush for coloring. Each brush has different settings so they can be customized to your liking. You can also create your own brushes!

Despite all its features MediBang Paint Pro is sleek and lightweight. It is made to run smoothly without slowing down your computer. Like with most art software, we have layer functionality.

MediBang Paint Pro

They can be used to draw lines and curves perfectly. They can be used to draw in perspective or create speed lines for action scenes. Comic boards can easily be made by cutting across the borders in any direction.

When starting a new comic project, you can save all your pages in one file. You can easily edit the pages or change their order. You can use this to easily transfer and open your files on your computer, tablet or smartphone. AND You can also sync your brush and other settings across devices.

MediBang Paint comes with 800 pre-made tones and backgrounds that are free to use. It includes many fonts that are free to use.

MediBang Paint Pro 27.1 final ||99.5 MB



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