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JPEGmini Pro 64 bit final [8/6/2021]

JPEGmini Pro

JPEGmini Pro 3 is an application that allows you to compress and thus reduce the size of your JPEGs significantly, but without affecting the quality of the images in any way.

JPEGmini Pro is a simple and advanced photo optimization tool that allows you to reduce the file size of JPEG images while maintaining the same quality. It provides you with an end-to-end photo optimization solution that includes optimization, manipulation, and delivery. JPEGmini is trusted by thousands of Image Perfectionists to get the smallest file size in their JPEGs without sacrificing quality. With patented image optimization technology, the program will significantly reduce the file size of your JPEG images. Imagine, with this tool, you can reduce the size of an image quickly and very easily.

JPEGmini Pro ensures that there will be no resolution cuts, all compressed images will be kept at their full resolution and quality, even with almost no loss in quality. The program can use all CPU cores simultaneously, process your JPEG images at amazingly high speed, support images up to 128 Megapixels and fulfill all your photography needs.

Includes an attractive and intuitive interface
Setup is quick, simple, and doesn’t require any special care on your part. The program comes with a new and modern interface, which is highly intuitive and does not cause you any difficulties. As indicated in the user interface, you can drag and drop photos to get started and you’ll be happy to know that the tool does the decompression automatically.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t come with additional options where you can set compression parameters, or at the very least, includes a confirmation box that lets you set when the app should decompress. Also, it would be great if the utility supports more than JPEG files and works with other popular file formats.

Comes with several unpacking presets
It is worth mentioning that the utility has several templates to unpack, namely small, medium, large, maximum width and maximum height. Otherwise, you cannot modify the settings of the templates, since you have fixed the b size. Unfortunately, the extension doesn’t allow you to adjust the size at which photos will be scaled, an aspect that could make the app obsolete for professional photographers.

As a small note, you should know that there are some differences between JPEGmini and the Pro version, namely that the latter is capable of optimizing photos up to 60MP, while the standard version does not exceed 28MP. In addition, the Pro version works 8x faster and comes with a plugin and extension for Lightroom and Photoshop.

A minimalist tool for decompressing JPEG images
In case you need to save space on your hard drive to store hundreds or even thousands of photos while maintaining the same quality, perhaps JPEGmini Pro can lend you a hand.

What’s new in JPEGmini Pro 3:

More intuitive user interface (UI)
New support up to 128 Megapixels
Other bug fixes and improvements.

JPEGmini Pro 64 bit FULL + VIDEO GUITE INSTALL || 61.5 MB



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