FanControl V103

FanControl V177 Free download [ 1/8/2024]

FanControl V103
FanControl V103
FanControl is a highly customizable fan control software for Windows. Stay in control of every aspect of your computer’s GPU and CPU fans with the help of this highly customizable fan control app.

Features of FanControl

Save, edit and load multiple profiles
Multiple temperature sources (CPU, GPU, motherboard, hard drive, “.sensor” file)
Custom fan curve
Fine-tune fan control response with steps, %start, %stop, response time and delay
Mix different curves and sensors together
Modern console-style user interface
Works as a background app with customizable tray icon
Create custom external temperature sensors with *.sensor files.
And more!

New features of FanControl

Tweak the more compact card user interface
Start% (formerly active%) and Stop% are now separate
Delay can now be switched from one-way (down only) to two-way (up and down)
The average function for the combined curve
Get started with Windows installation
New type of fan curve: “Target”. Will keep the configured “load” fan speed until idling temperature is reached.
Support for newer Nvidia RTX cards with NvAPIWrapper
Support for external sensors with .sensor files (see Example.sensor in your application directory)
System requirements:
Compatible with all current Windows operating systems.


Save, edit and load multiple profiles
Multiple temperature sources ( CPU, GPU, motherboard, hard drives, “.sensor” file )
Mix different curves and sensors together
Custom fan curves
Manual control
Fine tune the fan control response with steps, start %, stop %, response time and hysteresis
Modern, dashboard-style UI
Works as a background application with a customizable tray icon
And more!

Fan curve types

Linear : Temperature based linear function
Graph : Temperature based custom curve
Target: Temperature based that holds speed until target temperature is reached
Mix : Use two different curves and apply a mix function (Min, Max, Sum, Average)
Sync : Sync to an existing control
Flat: Set a fixed %
Graph fan curve editor
Add, remove and drag points around the graph
Copy and paste points from a graph to another
Fine-tune the response with the hysteresis and response time parameters
Theme editor

Dark mode available

What’s New:

Auto fan curve (BETA): Automatically adjust speed to keep target temperature
Allow text-wrapping for long names
Sensor settings dialog window. Activate or deactivate specific sources.
Reduced CPU usage by 50%
-c or –config [json config file] command line arg
Increased max temp. large 120 C
Replaced numerical comboboxes with text boxes
Time average custom sensor ( Plus sign menu )
File custom sensor interface ( Plus sign menu )

Please download FanControl V177 || 5.6 MB


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