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Game Maker Studio
GameMaker Studio 2 is a software to support game design, develop ideas to create the best 2D games. GameMaker allows the creation of cross-platform and multi-genre video games using a custom drag-and-drop visual programming language or a scripting language called Game Maker Language, which can be used to play develop more advanced games that cannot be created using drag and drop features.


It was originally designed to allow novice computer programmers to create computer games without much programming knowledge using these actions. Recent versions of the software  also focused on attracting advanced developers.

Features on GameMaker Studio
first Using a unique development process GameMaker Studio 2 allows you to export your games directly to Windows desktop, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, fire TV, Android TV, Microsoft UWP, HTML5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
Besides Studio projects directly into Studio 2 and have them ready to go in minutes.
GameMaker Studio 2 uses your YoYo Account to provide a single login for all your game making needs.
For all users who develop on laptops, we have developed an efficient workflow that is not in the way of development.
Using our intuitive ‘Drag and Drop’ development environment, you can have your game up and running in minutes without having to write any code!
Based on the C programming language, GML gives you all the power of other programming languages ​​while being easy to learn.
Improve your workflow by creating a table of commonly used cells.
Finder allows you to instantly search, locate, and open any resource in your project.
Save and backup your project history from anywhere in the world with our Git integration.
Game Maker Studio 2 is an intermediary game development enviroment great for those who have the basics of coding down, but are still learning. Game Maker Studio 2 offers great features and libraries that allow users to create fun and entertaining games without the need to be a coding “pro”.

Or Game Maker Studio 2 has a wide user base and community that produce numerious tutorials and learning materials. Or Game Maker Studio 2 also has a marketplace filled . With free and paid-for assets that can used within your projects.

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