EMDB 4.11

EMDB 4 is a small size software that helps organize your movie collection. Its main content is automatic import from IMDB, search function and option to mark seen/unseen.

As you explore this software tool, you will find even more options that allow you to manage your movies efficiently.

EMDB (Eric Movie Database) allows you to organize and catalog your DVD collection. All you have to do is enter the title (or part of it) and the program will import the details and the cover movie. from a selection of online databases.

You can then add a personal rating, customize the details, change the cover image and also set the local file path (if you have a digital copy on your disc).

The intuitive interface allows for many operations: import data from IMDB, search, loan tracker, manually insert movie information, and more.

Add your own comments and information to the movie, such as title, version, year, country, color, plot, cast, genre, ratings, and many others.

Technical information can also added, such as aspect, codec, source, resolution, etc.

The information you have added can deleted with just one click.

Information collected in EMDB can exported as plain text, HTML or Excel. Furthermore, you can use search filters to find certain movies that interest you using a variety of criteria.

This application will seem more meticulous when you discover it can show statistics about the movies in your database and activity.

EMDB is being continuously improved with each new release and the latest updates deal with the user interface. So adding some new languages ​​and some HTML export and IMDB import issues.

EMDB is a great choice if you are passionate about movies. And want to keep track of what you have watched. So your favorite list and always have rich information about movies.

The application has received high praise from many users due to its flawless operation. And diverse features that help you to catalog your movies like no other tool has.

EMDB 4.11 FREE || 5.3 MB


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