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Tweak-SSD Pro 2 is a dedicated product alongside our popular ‘Tweak’ product line, which started with Tweak-XP back in 2001. It is designed for SSD drives (Solid State Drives). ) and to optimize Windows 7, Windows 8. Tweak-SSD does not require the user to know anything about operating system secrets related to better SSD performance.

Its intuitive wizard-like user interface with green toggles indicates the best setting for your system, making it easy to use even for casual Window users.

Let Tweak-SSD Pro suggest all the best settings, activate them with a few mouse clicks, reboot your system and your system is ready to go. Tweak-SSD is the only tool you need to get rid of your SSD ‘drive’.

Key Features of Tweak-SSD Pro
NEW in v2: Now supported for Windows 10
NEW in v2: Better TRIM Optimizer
or NEW in v2: new user interface
NEW in v2: fully re-coded and optimized
Optimize and tweak Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 for better performance of your SSD
Includes several tweaks that will optimize your SSD, make it faster, and reduce read and write access
Intuitive tweaking wizard guides you from tweak to tweak, suggesting the best settings
Specially designed for Windows 7, 8.x and 10 unlike competing products
Includes TRIM performance optimizer (registered version only)
System Optimization: Optimize your Windows 7, Windows 8.x or Windows 10 system for SSD drives
System Tuning: Enabled some SSD related system tweaks
SSD Optimizer: Your SSD lasts longer with included tweaks to minimize read and write access
Use: Intuitive wizard like user interface
Optimization Wizard: Includes a wizard that guides you through the optimization process
Intuitive system health meter: System optimization health meter for instant system health information
TRIM Optimizer: Includes TRIM optimizer (licensed version only)
Exclusive: Designed exclusively for Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10 32bit or 64bit.
Tweak-SSD Pro 2.0.70 update content:

Service release includes a few fixes and some global optimizations


Tweak-SSD Pro 2.0.70 FULL || 15.8 MB


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