CPU-Z 1.99

CPU-Z 1.99 Free download [1/5/2022]

CPU-Z 1.99
CPU-Z 1.99

CPU-Z 1 is a freeware that gathers information on some of the main devices of your system:

Processor name and number, codename, process, package, cache levels.
Motherboards and chipsets.
Memory type, size, timings, and module specifications (SPD).
Real time measurement of each core’s internal frequency, memory frequency.
CPU-Z is often downloaded to find out which processor is installed in a computer, and to measure the CPU’s operating frequency.

An awesome updated development that can, in a simple way, display technical information about your personal computer, natively it will work in Windows operating system from version 98 to version latest 7. After starting you can see the different specifications of the central processor, you can find out the full data on the video card and the motherboard, I forgot more about the RAM, Download CPU-Z from our project in full news.

Once it’s installed, launch CPU-Z and then you can navigate through the tabs, actually from the screenshots it’s clearly visible, then you’ll get the information you need. CPU-Z is very popular among overclockers, because when overclocking the system you need to keep an eye on such important parameters that you can see in the utility.

Currently, there are some software that support viewing hardware information such as GPU Z to view the video card or Speccy to display information of hardware on the computer such as: CPU, motherboard, RAM memory, graphics card graphics, hard drives, CD drives, etc. In addition, cpu z allows you to save or print these messages for the next check. From now on, download cpuz to check the information about the hard stool of the computer you are using.

CPU Z provides computer users with detailed information about computer hardware including components . It such as processor and model number, code, process, mainboard and chipset type, memory type…

Besides, CPU Z also displays the current operating status of the memory for users to have more accurate visualization and adjustment.

In the processor tab you will find out its name and number, the technical manufacturing process, of course, you can find out the name of the kernel, at what frequency it operates, learn about the multiplier , buffers at all levels, etc The motherboard tab allows you to find out the model of the motherboard, its manufacturer, information about the system logic, of course, the BIOS version is also available. In general, there is nothing more to say about CPU-Z, it is an easy-to-use utility, without Russian support, but without it it is understandable.

The program is a whole consisting of separate Tabs with different test parameters. Every time the related components in the CPU started. The program will automatically check and scan the entire computer system. . And it displays relevant parameters on the main interface based on each Tab, thanks to these parameters. You can know the entire performance of your computer.

Version History
1.99 (January 4th, 2022)
Intel Core i5 12500, 12400, Core i3 12300, 12100 CPUs.
Improved DDR5 SPD information report.
AMD CCD/CCX topology bug fix.

CPU-Z 1.99 Free ||1.9 MB



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