MSMG ToolKit 11 lgo

MSMG ToolKit 11.8

MSMG Toolkit 11 a tool to Service, customize, add or remove features and components, enable or disable features for Microsoft Windows Operating System. Everything is done through the DOS command prompt but done by typing in letters to get where you want to go, which means no complicated DOS commands or DOS knowledge required.

Useful tool that allows you to create your own non-bulky version of Windows by removing various telemetry components and all kinds of services and applications

MSMG ToolKit is a command-line tool that helps you create custom, stripped-down, and uncluttered versions of Windows 10, 8 or 7 for too long by allowing you to modify, integrate, or remove different versions. factors.

Before you feel the sweaty palms and what not, please note that although this is indeed a command line based tool, it is quite accessible even by average everyday user standards .

MSMG ToolKit, like most third-party utilities. So we recommend creating an image of your current operating system, or for best results, do a clean install.

MSMG ToolKit 11 main function
Copy source DVD files from DVD drive
Extract source DVD file from ISO image
Extract source DVD files from OEM/IMG images
Integrated Metro PhotoViewer Metro modes
Besides it Integrated Metro MediaPlayer Metro modes
Integrated Windows Win32Calc Metro modes
Remove default Metro apps
Next to it Remove default Metro apps by apps list
Also it Removes Default Metro Application Association
What’s more it Removes Windows Components
Hence it Removes Windows components using package list
Otherwise it Imports default Metro Application Association from XML file
Export Default Metro App Association to XML file
Import Tweaks
Create a DVD ISO image
Burn ISO image to DVD
Copy the source to a bootable USB drive
Sync boot source and install images to a bootable USB flash drive
Burn the ISO image to a bootable USB Flash drive
Format USB drive
WIM Manager to display, delete, rename, export, split, merge, capture, apply, cleanup, health check, scan index of WIM images
Load/Unregister WIM images for modification.

MSMG Toolkit 11.8 free version  || 27.9 MB 


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