Tixati 2.88.1

Tixati 2.88.1 free download [1/17/2022]

Tixati 2.88.1
Tixati 2.88.1
Tixati 2 torrent client: A good, free Bittorrent client updated, designed for Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems (for the second OS you can download the version from the main website developer knowledge).

The difference between the client and the large number of others is that the user given a vast opportunity to control their torrents. They also write on the program page that it consumes less memory than the famous uTorrent and Halite .

Tixati is also ready to provide quite interesting and convenient user interface. You can also get complete information in a graphic video about the status of torrents. You can specify folders to save and transfer files next.
There is support for automatically adding all torrent files from the folder you indicated earlier, you can filter IP addresses and trackers, you can export torrent files from magnet links or vice versa. Tixati can adjust the download speed for each file.
The developers also write that all other free clients impose advertising materials, banners and links, you will not find this in this client, install the program and there will be no What else is offered to you.

Tixati supports users with the necessary tools for easy file download management. Even for inexperienced users such as: setting upload rate, download time, download source for each file .

In addition, Tixati also provides users with a number of other advanced features to achieve high results in transferring . Or downloading files such as: download priority, RSS support, IP address filtering, download scheduling. With these useful tools, you can choose to use them as you please to suit your work and personal habits.

Features of Tixati
Allows to manage the file download process with tools such as: setting upload rate, download time, download source for each file, detailed transfer graph, list of connections, …
The ability to regulate bandwidth and give priority to file transfers to specific individuals.
Supports some advanced features such as: priority download, RSS support, IP address filtering, download scheduler.

Tixati 2.88.1 free || 30.5 MB


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