QTranslate 6QTranslate 6
QTranslate 6.10.0
QTranslate 6.10.0
QTranslate 6 helps users to switch back and forth very quickly and easily between many languages. This program supports text translation on many applications, helps to look up online dictionaries, replace text with translations or convert text with audio and many other interesting functions.

QTranslate allows copying or typing text directly on the program window for translation and conversion. This software supports translation for many different applications such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Acrobat Reader, Skype, IE… You can also look up online dictionaries and replace the text with the translated text. , check for spelling errors to return the most accurate translation results.

QTranslate allows you to translate any text between dozens of languages ​​with the click of a button. You can paste the text into the GUI and see the translation in the box below, or just select the text and press Ctrl + Q to see the translation in the pop-up window. Programs translate text with some help. online translation service – you can choose from Google Translate (default), Microsoft Translate, Babylon, Promt or SDL and switch between results.

QTranslate supports many modes of text translation by manipulating the mouse, including: display icon – select text, program icon will appear near the mouse pointer, click on icon, pop up window will appear with translated text; show the translated text – select the text, then the translated text will appear on the pop up window.

QTranslate also has a very unique feature that converts text into audio, which is very useful for you to learn how to pronounce and memorize a certain foreign language. In addition, this software also allows saving translation history so that it can be reviewed and supports virtual keyboard for users in need.

Key features of QTranslate:
Translate text using various apps
Or Look up online dictionaries
And Replace text with translation
Besides Fast and accurate translation
Also Spell check
Final Text to audio

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