QUICK access popup 11QUICK access popup 11
QUICK access popup
QUICK access popup
Quick Access Popup 11 provides a simple method to quickly access commonly used data on the computer such as applications, folders, web links, without having to browse through the storage folder in Windows Explorer.


To be more precise, downloading Quick Access Popup allows you to create your own menu, containing shortcuts that link to favorite folders and special folders.
The design criterion of Quick Access Popup is to help users improve the way they handle tasks, save time and ensure higher work efficiency because there is no need to navigate through many folders on the computer. Quick Access Popup runs in the background in the system tray, allowing you to configure how the software works through the context menu, change the folders in the custom menu and organize them according to your needs.

Quick Access Popup has integrated a separate menu into the middle mouse key with shortcuts to frequently accessed folders and applications. Its main purpose is to help users improve working speed, save time searching for certain folders and locations on the computer.

Features of Quick Access Popup 11
Easy to use
Light software
Easy access to apps
Other Quick Access Popup improvements
QAP feature names can now be edited, using the default localized name if the name is left blank
the Search box now filters items from the current menu in the “Customize” window instead of from the top menu (Main)
in the items list, the item “parent menu” (“..”) has been removed and the arrows for the parent menu (up) . And the previous menu (back) are more visible.
when adding or editing favorites of Folder, Document or Application types, QAP now checks.  If the file exists (except if the location includes a placeholder)
in the tree view, when adding a favorite of type “Special Folders” or “QAP Features”, a new button at the bottom lists all “Special Folders” or “QAP Features” in order alphabet order
after saving a new or edited favorite, the submenu in the “Customize” window  changed to the target menu of the favorite
a new dialog that facilitates input of “Sponsor Code”, this command is available from “Enter your sponsor code” Menu item in the “Help” menu
Specifications and system requirements
Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Pentium IV or higher
RAM: 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
Free hard disk space: 200 MB or more.

Quick Access Popup  FREE || 17.9 MB


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