Defender Remover 12Defender Remover 12

While Windows Defender is a trustworthy antivirus program, it can be quite demanding on system resources and may occasionally prevent the access and removal of certain files. Disabling it is one option, but numerous users have reported that it continues to run in the background despite their efforts to turn it off.

Defender Remover 12.4.2
Defender Remover 12.4.2

Defender Remover can both uninstall and disable Windows Defender entirely, including the Windows Security App, Windows Virtualization-Based Security (VBS) , Windows SmartScreen, Windows Security Services , Windows Web-Threat Service and Windows File Virtualization (UAC) , Microsoft Defender App Guard, Microsoft Driver Block List, and Windows Defender’s Settings Page (in Settings App , Winodws 10 or newer).

Defender Remover 12 can be downloaded and launched without any need for installation or configuration. However, due to the program’s nature, it’s recommended to run it as an Administrator to prevent any potential errors caused by alterations to system files.

Defender Remover 12.4.2 changelog:

  • FIX! Fixes issues specified in #44 ,
  • NEW! If you have a PC with Microsoft Pluton Security Procesor and Windows 11 22H2 or newer, rhis script will support removal of Defender (and pluton driver)
      BESIDES YOU CAN DOWNLOAD  Defender Control

Known issues:

  • If you use Hyper-V virtualziation services such Containers, Windows Subsystem foir Android/Linux , VM Manager, and/or Windows Sandbox, this will fail to run, because of an unknown bug.
  • nothing new about making the iso from .wim/esd. (it takes a long time for me)

DOWNLOAD Defender Remover 12.5.3 final ||528.8 KB



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